'Naked and Afraid' Season 7 Episode 1 Recap: Eye of the Storm

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Tonight, Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid season 7 premiere aired. The episode starts with the two new survivalists arriving in southern Belize.

The producers are checking the weather, and a huge hurricane is coming. After spending the night in a bunker, the two begin their time in a completely devastated island.

We meet Jason, a 44 year old former police sargeant. He was on the SWAT team and has a combination of muscle and survival knowledge. We also meet Lacey, a 30 year old gun store owner.

She grew up on an island with no electricity or running water, and she is very good with weapons. She has two children and a husband. She says all she needs to survive is a "big, strong, dumb man."

The pair get naked and begin to trek into the forest. They have a fire starter, a machete, and mosquito netting, as well as a map. They immediately come across a venomous snake.

They then reach a river, and Lacey jumps right in. Jason follows. They then find a clearing, where they start to make camp.

The pair are rated: Jason gets a 6.8 PSR because he was a SWAT leader and is level-headed. Lacey gets a 7.1 PSR because of her forest survival ability.

They come across a cold water spring with filtered water, and they drink. Lacey rubs mud on Jason to help him reduce sunburn.

As darkness sets in, Jason has trouble sleeping because he has a headache and fever. Overnight, Jason throws up several times, and his fever increases.

As the pair wakes up on day 3, Jason is lying down in pain. Lacey goes looking for a natural remedy. She knows of a 'tourist tree' with healing properties.

She has to cross the river alone -- without Jason knowing -- to find it. She manages to find the tree and extract the bark.

She returns with the tree limb and rubs it over Jason. He isn't particularly happy when he finds out that Lacey didn't tell him about the river crossing.

The then catch some fish together.

On day 5, Jason eels miserable. His feet are swollen, he's covered in bug bites, and he can't really walk.

Lacey goes looking to trap a rodent with a rock and some bait. She comes across a huge cat -- puma or something else -- and gets freaked out.

The next day, Jason goes looking for food, as he's getting really weak. Lacey tries to stab a snake, but he gets away.

We get to day 11. Lacey is really concerned about Jason. Jason starts to swell all over, and the medics are brought in.

He needs to be sent to a hospital -- otherwise he could have intestinal paralysis. He is airlifted out.

Lacey is all alone. She tries to make her campsite bigger in order to avoid the heavy rains. After the rains, the river becomes really dangerous.

Lacey starts to get a tired and uncomfortable by day 17. She checks her traps and finds no food.

A few days later, Lacey feels like the mental part of the expedition is really hard, even though she is okay physically. She kills a turtle for food.

On her last day, Lacey is feeling good. She now needs to make it to her extraction.

She needs to build a raft to get to the extraction location. She has to climb a tree to find the road. But she makes it.

During the time, she lost 19 pounds. Her final PSR is 8.2.

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