Corinne Olympios of 'The Bachelor' Dishes Info On The Ellen Show

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Fans of The Ellen Show might remember host Ellen DeGeneres having a conversation with Beth Behrs about The Bachelor. It was there that she revealed Corinne Olympios of the hit show would be visiting The Ellen Show.

Now, Corinne did pay the show a visit and shared some pretty interesting information. Fans also got to find out what her dream man would be in a game of Who'd You Rather.

DeGeneres hilarious repeated Corinne's name a couple of times and last week mentioned she was nervous after calling Corinne crazy.

She asked Corinne if she enjoyed her time on The Bachelor and she said she did enjoy her time on the show.

When asked if it was a real representation of herself, Corinne replied, "that definitely is me, that is a side of me but there are many other sides to me."

Corinne said she is an older sister, she runs a business and called herself an athlete as she works out everyday. She thinks that everyone will see a lot more of Corinne as the season progresses.

DeGeneres admitted that she and Portia thought she was acting a lot more normal. Corinne said she was a bit more promiscuous than she thought but never went over her limit in terms of alcohol.

In terms of doing the show, Corinne said she was in a long relationship that was very stressful. She found the show to be a good opportunity to put herself out there.

Later on in the show, Corinne played a pretty interesting game of Who'd You Rather. Find out who she picked and check out her interview from The Ellen Show in the videos below.

Corinne Olympios of 'The Bachelor' Dishes Info On The Ellen Show

Corinne Plays Who'd You Rather On The Ellen Show