Hot Toys Reveals New Infinity Gauntlet Replica From Avengers: Endgame

Hot Toys already made a figure from Avengers: Infinity War for the Infinity Gauntlet that Thanos used in the previous movie. Now you can buy another replica based on the appearance the heroes used in Avengers: Endgame.

Hot Toys revealed on their Facebook page the Nano Gauntlet that Hulk used that was created by Tony Stark. It's a 1/4 scale figurine, but it looks great for its size. You can read the full announcement down below.

"Avengers: Endgame has brought extraordinarily excited reactions in theatres. To undo the devastating damage done by Thanos, our beloved super heroes must gather to collect all the remarkably powerful Infinity Stones. Courtesy of Tony Stark, the Avengers has a one last chance to bring everyone back from chaos, and Hulk has stepped forward for this mission that leads everything to the unknown. With huge excitement, Hot Toys is thrilled to officially introduce the highly anticipated 1/4th scale Nano Gauntlet (Hulk Edition) collectible inspired by Avengers: Endgame! The highly detailed collectible measures approximately 22cm overall features authentic and fine details of the Nano Gauntlet on Hulk’s arm. Six LED light-up Infinity Stones with two lighting modes including solid light effect and pulsing light effect, articulations on individual fingers developed for range of movement and different poses, and a specially designed custom base with movie logo that holds the gauntlet in an upright position. Pre-order this amazing Hulk Version of Nano Gauntlet collectible to jumpstart your Avengers: Endgame collection! "

As aforementioned the toy is available now to pre-order and will be released in the next few months or so. Avengers: Endgame is out now in cinemas and will be on Disney+ later this year for streaming.

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