Graham Nash Will Take Over Howard Stern Studio For Thanksgiving Exclusive

Graham Nash will be in the Stern Studio on Wednesday, November 28, playing songs from his new album and telling behind the scenes stories for a special show on Thanksgiving Day.

Howard Stern announced this exclusive radio show on Monday, November 17. It will be an inside look at the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young box set, and will feature an exclusive solo and acoustic performance.

CSNY 1974 is the a long-awaited reunion album from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. The set features previously unreleased tracks from the band's historic 1974 tour.

David Browne from Rolling Stone magazine writes: "With strong then-new material from all four - including Graham Nash's agitated "Fieldworker," Stills' Latin-soul "My Angel," David Crosby's ethereal "Carry Me" and several Young songs, especially the wrenching "Pushed It Over the End" - CSNY 1974 may be the closest we'll come to hearing a mid-Seventies reunion album from this band."

Graham Nash recently had an interview with The Nation, and chatted a bit about the hey day and his experience with CSNY, a touch of politics, and falling in love with Joni Mitchell.

"So she was playing in Ottawa and staying in a hotel called the Chateau Laurier," Nash told The Nation. "Nice classic old hotel. And she takes me home to the hotel. And she plays me probably fifteen of the most amazing songs I'd ever heard in my life at that point.

Everything from her first album and some new things, too. And I'm gone. I'm fucking history. I love this woman to death."

Tune in to Howard 100 on Thanksgiving Day to hear more stories like this, and a live performance from Nash himself.