Hot Toys Reveals Action Figure For Thanos From Avengers: Infinity War

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Hot Toys has now revealed an awesome new action figure of Thanos based on his appearance in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movie.

This is sure to be an action figure on top of the list for many toy collectors around the world.

Hot Toys revealed the new Thanos action figure via its official Facebook page today. The link shows you a photo gallery, while you can read the full description for the toy below. 

"Hot Toys has dedicated its great effort to create the latest Avengers: Infinity War collectibles based on the most up-to-date details, and today Hot Toys is ecstatic to officially introduce the highly movie accurate 1/6th scale Thanos collectible figure that Marvels fans eagerly sought after!

The spectacular 1/6th scale Thanos collectible figure is meticulously crafted with impressive likeness based on the main appearance of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. The collectible figure features two newly developed and sophisticatedly crafted interchangeable head sculpts inspired by Thano’s serious and angry expressions respectively. It also comes with two styles of LED light up metallic gold-colored Infinity Gauntlets with all six Infinity Stones and weathering effect, an additional interchangeable non-articulated left arm with great muscle details for Thanos’ iconic and intimidating clenched fist pose, a newly sculpted and tailored armored costume with intricate details, and a specially designed figure base and backdrop."

Thanos is not the only character from Avengers: Infinity War getting a Hot Toy as many of the hero characters are also getting detailed action figures too.

You may need to have lots of disposable income if you plan on buying everything though!

Avengers: Infinity War releases in North America on April 27th, 2018. It is the third Avengers movie with an untitled fourth movie coming out next year. 

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