Supergirl Season 3 Episode 22 Recap/Review: ‘Make It Reign’

Supergirl season 3 is nearing its end and Reign will soon take over the world along with Selena and her evil sisters.

Before all of that can happen though, Selena still needs the blood of Pestilence and Purity who died in battle a few weeks ago.

If you have seen Man of Steel the movie, you may get a since of deja vu because Selena's evil plan is exactly the same as General Zod's motive in that particular film.

Both want to terraform planet Earth so that it can become habitable for Kryptonians.

Selina plans for Reign to affect the Earth's core somehow so that it can create volcano eruptions, earthquakes and other natural disasters to wipe out all of humanity.

Obviously, Supergirl and the DEO don't want this to happen so they need to stop this evil plan somehow.

The story itself is a little cliche and nothing new.

I was hoping Selina had another motive, but it's disappointing to hear it's the same plot from a Superman movie. I do not know why the villains cannot just terraform Mars instead because that planet is already barren.

As for this week's episode itself, surprisingly it was pretty slow again mainly because Supergirl was unable to travel to Earth.

Supergirl, her Mom and Mon El are still trapped in the city of Argo because Selina took the only spaceship the city had to escape.

Luckily, there is a portal that they can use although it's not going to be easy.

This is because Selina and her evil sisters plan to arrive at the DEO headquarters in order to retrieve the blood of Purity and Pestilence.

Before the evil sisters arrive at the DEO though, the majority of this episode did not offer much in terms of plot advancement or action.

I'm kind of bored of seeing Supergirl herself not in action as she hasn't been doing much for two episodes now.

Instead, we got confirmation that Selina has found a way to revive Reign and Samantha is getting weaker by the minute.

Lena Luthor thinks there's a way that she can make Samantha stronger leaving Reign weak, although she does not find a solution yet in this week's episode.

When the evil sisters finally arrive at the DEO, the action is pretty tight as everyone tries their best to take on the Kryptonians.

Alex is probably the MVP of the entire episode as she gets to do some cool stuff in this week's episode.

Sadly though, her efforts aren't enough because several DEO agents die during the invasion. Not even Supergirl and Mon El is able to prevent the baddies from taking the blood of Purity and Pestilence back to their home base.

The episode ends with the Apocalypse starting and Supergirl and the team need to do something to prevent the Earth from terraforming into Krypton. We won't find out what happens until the Season Finale airs next week!

The latter end of this week's episode was good, but the first 20 minutes was kind of a drag. I was hoping there would be more action sequences as it felt boring with Supergirl still being trapped on another planet.

Well I don't have to worry too much because everything should get more exciting next week. Hopefully Reign and Supergirl can have another epic CGI fight like the last time they fought several months ago!

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