'Damn, Daniel' Originators Tell Ellen DeGeneres About Their MTV Movie Awards Experience

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After giving them all of the vans they could every want, Josh and Daniel best known for the viral sensation, "Damn, Daniel," returned to the Ellen Show to talk about their experience at the MTV Movie Awards.

Josh and Daniel rose to viral fame after their Snapchat videos was being recognized by the world.

Josh helped Degeneres remind everyone why they were there in the first place by saying his famous catchphrase. Degeneres asked the boys about their experience in school after the video.

Daniel pointed out that being a freshman in high school and getting to appear on the Ellen Show is a pretty big deal. They were getting a lot of questions on whether or not DeGeneres was nice and if they were nervous.

Josh told the host that he got at least 20 questions that focused around how she smells. This time around the guys got some Ellen boxers before rolling some footage from the MTV Movie Awards experience.

The guys got to meet O'Shea Jackson Jr. who signed their yearbook, while he let them wear a ring. They presented him with the "Best Damn Swagger" award.

Daniel and Josh had a run in with Gigi Hadid and Daniel actually asked her to go to prom with him.

After some Snapchat action with Hadid the guys ran into Salt N' Pepa who performed a little "Shoop" for DeGeneres.

They presented the Adam DeVine with the "Best Damn Look" award which started a hilarious acceptance speech. The guys even ran into Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey for a Snapchat. Common rocked a freestyle for the Damn, Daniel boys.

In another attempt to woo the ladies, Daniel and Josh presented Cara Delevingne with the "Best Damn Eyes" award.

The best run in had to be with Seth Rogen who also signed Daniel's yearbook. You can check out the Damn, Daniel boys' experience at the MTV Movie Awards in the video below.

Watch Josh and Daniel Talk the MTV Movie Awards Experience with Ellen DeGeneres

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