Black Lightning Star Addresses Possibility Of Crossing Over Into Arrowverse

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The CW has really just about become the DC Comics network over the last few years, with four shows currently airing that are part of the ongoing Arrowverse, along with Black Lightning and even iZombie from DC's Vertigo line.

Ever since the premiere of Black Lightning, people have questioned whether it will become part of the Arrowverse in some way, but the main star of the series doesn't sound too confident about that right now.

FandomWire recently got to speak with Cress Williams at The Great Philadelphia Comic Con, where he was asked whether there were going to be any crossovers with the other DC shows or not, in which he responded by saying the following:

"I don’t think there is going to be a crossover, at least not in the near future. We shoot in Atlanta, and all the other DC shows shoot in Vancouver, so uh, there hasn’t been talk about anything like that happening anytime soon."

This is mostly the argument we've heard since when Black Lightning was first announced as being filmed elsewhere, though the show actually referencing the likes of Supergirl and Vixen had people wondering. 

Many may feel that it will follow a similar path to Supergirl, but Black Lightning is a very different story. Supergirl started off not only filming in Los Angeles, but airing on CBS. There was the crossover with The Flash in the latter part of the show's first season that finally confirmed they were connected, but that was a one-off. Supergirl didn't become a biggest part of the crossovers until the show was moved to Vancouver along with the showing moving to The CW.

Even if Black Lightning isn't set on the same Earth as Arrow, The Flash, and Legends, or Supergirl's Earth, there is definitely an easy way to connect them through the use of parallel Earths that we've seen multiple times already.

However, the logistics of such a connection don't sound all that strong right now.

Black Lightning is already doing really great with its ratings, so it's not like the show really needs the crossover for a ratings boost, but I do hope we'll see some sort of connection eventually regardless.

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