'Scream Queens' Recap: 'Drain the Swamp,' Season 2 Episode 10

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It's the finale act of Fox's "Scream Queens." One Green Meanie's down and another contemplating retirement means that the third is left to do away with the Chanels as they please.

It's a ghoulish plan in "Drain the Swamp," the finale episode of the second season.

Hofel finally puts her final plan for revenge into action. Hester makes her own plans, just in case Dean Munsch ends up dying. Holt agrees to perform a risky surgery on her in an attempt to save her life.

Hester talks Holt into marrying Munsch in order to make sure that when she dies all her money doesn't go into the hospital. Hofel stumbles upon the the explosion possibilities with fertilizer. Chanel thinks that Holt is going to propose to her but instead he gets down on one knee for Munsch. He soothes her worry by saying that he'll still post couple selfies with her at least three times a day.

Cassidy tries to tell his mom that he doesn't want to kill anymore. She doesn't take it well and essentially disowns him. He turns to bigger problems, namely Hofel. #3 becomes aware that she is the third Green Meanie.

After signing a document, the happy married couple are cuddling when #5 comes in. She doesn't think the Munsch has Kuru and wants to do brain surgery in order to know for certain. Holt's really into the surgery because it'd look cool for him to do in front of all his Harvard friends.

Jane calls Hofel as she's working towards putting her bomb together in the basement. She wants to offer her help but Hofel wants none of it. Rerouting the power from the cryochamber, Hofel begins to drain the swamp.

Jane is talking to Zayday as he spoon feeds her. Zayday convinces her to take a look around the new hospital. Hester wants Holt to kill Munsch during the surgery. Chanel wants to kill Munsch on her own, with a cup of hot pumpkin spice latte spilled on her brain.

When she goes to throw it, Hofel gets in the way. So the procedure goes off without a hitch.

Munsch doesn't have Kuru, she is simply just extremely dehydrated. Hofel takes them down to the basement in order to celebrate the news.

Or to lock them in a big cage so they can't escape the huge bomb she's made. Zayday and Jane appear. Jane tries to stop Hofel but the nurse shoots her.

Denise Richards wakes from the cryochamber just in time to take a lucky guess on which wire will stop the bomb. They all go after her.

Cassidy steps in front #3 to save her from a machete Hofel threw. Munsch tries to rescue her but it's too late and the swamp claims another victim.

Zayday and #5 are running the hospital. Hester stole Munsch's money. She and Holt are now hunting shipwreck survivors on Blood Island.

Munsch sold the hospital and is now helping women over 50 achieve orgasams. Chanel is the host of her own TV show that #3 produces.

As she's leaving one night, she finds a gift box in her car. The red devil appears in the backseat.

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