MTV 'Sweet/Vicious' Episode 4 Recap: Ophelia Infiltrates a Major Scandal

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Tonight was the fourth episode of MTV's Sweet/Vicious.

This episode opens with a bunch of sorority girls hazing a pledge. They take off her clothes and write things on her while she's photographed.

Jules, meanwhile, is going for a run. She receives a text with the video of the hazed girl and forwards it to Ophelia. Ophelia and Jules review the video and try to trace it, but they can't.

It turns out that Ophelia is a legacy in the sorority (Kappa Kappa Phi) but hasn't joined. So she gets a makeover and goes to pledge -- with a camera on.

But Ophelia's mom shows up and throws a monkey wrench in the plan. Ophelia's mom had heard that Ophelia was considering joining the sorority, and she's extremely excited.

Pledge week begins, and Ophelia is forced to smell feces while the sisters yell at her. Nevertheless, she starts to like the sorority, especially because she's bonding with her mom over it. Ophelia meets the girl from the video, Sara, in the KKP house.

During a pledge hazing event, Sara passes out from binge drinking and needs to be taken to the ER. In the confusion, Ophelia breaks into their server room. She finds out the the entire house is being filmed secretly, and one of the sisters is running a hazing site.

The two women go to the house and beat up the KKP sisters. They get the sisters to turn themselves in.

Meanwhile, Harris is writing a piece on the vigilante crimes, and he starts to realize that the guys being hurt are date rapists.

Ophelia finds her mom really upset about the KKP thing, and her mom essentially loses interest in her. This upsets Ophelia.

Jules' boyfriend is researching his brother's disappearance. He finds out from police where the brother's cell phone was located, which leads him to the cemetery where Jules and Ophelia buried the brother.

The episode ends with Jules meeting Ophelia in a restaurant for pizza.

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