The Book of Boba Fett Nerf Blaster Revealed

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As part of Star Wars' ongoing 'Bring Home the Bounty' campaign, a new nerf blaster has been revealed that will satisfy The Book of Boba Fett fans.

This time fans can get their hands on the "NERF LMTD Star Wars Boba Fett's EE-3 Blaster".

The blaster is the same model as the one that is used on the show, although the colors are made to be bright for kid safety reasons. It has electronic parts as well as 12 soft darts for you to shoot.

The Nerf blaster has a price of $109.99 USD. It will be released on March 1st, 2023 so there's a long wait.

Sadly, the Nerf blaster is already sold out at Amazon. Nevertheless, you can read the description and features of the toy listed down below.

  • STAR WARS BLASTER REPLICA: This dart-firing blaster is meticulously detailed, capturing the look of the EE-3 blaster seen in The Book of Boba Fett live-action TV series on Disney Plus
  • MEASURES 30 INCHES LONG: The blaster measures 30 inches long (76 centimeters) and comes fully assembled in premium packaging, perfect for display
  • INCLUDES 3 REMOVABLE 4-DART DRUMS: The Nerf LMTD Star Wars Boba Fett's EE-3 blaster comes with 3 removable drums, which each can hold 4 darts, so you can switch out the drums and reload the blaster
  • INCLUDES 12 NERF ELITE DARTS: This Nerf LMTD Star Wars blaster comes with 12 Nerf Elite foam darts
  • BLASTER SOUNDS AND ELECTRONIC SCOPE WITH ILLUMINATED LENS: Features accurate blaster sounds and an electronic scope with an illuminated lens (Requires 2x 1.5v AAA alkaline batteries, not included)

The Book of Boba Fett is streaming now on the Disney+ channel. Hopefully more stock arrives for fans to get it again. 

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