Teen Wolf Star Tyler Posey Takes A Break From Social Media: Fans Send Their Best

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After what could be considered as one of the best seasons of MTV's "Teen Wolf," Tyler Posey was all over social media interacting with fans and giving them some insight into his life.

Now, it looks like Posey is going to be taking a break from social media.

"Hey guys I'm gonna be taking a little break from social media," tweeted Posey on November 7. "Thank you for all of the support, I love you guys. I'll be back soon."

Following his Twitter post, fans began responding offering their best and hoping everything was okay with the "Teen Wolf" star. Many of them also questioned why the star was taking a break and showed a great deal of concern.

The outpouring of love from the fans should help get their beloved star back to social media soon but Posey has yet to disclose the reason for his absence from social media.

Though his fans seem pretty broken up about the entire ordeal, they still vow to be there when he returns.

Posey couldn't be preparing for the next action packed season of "Teen Wolf" because according to MoviePilot.com, "Teen Wolf season 5 will start filming in February which means the first episode will preview sometime in June."

According to the article, the season will consist of 20 episodes split into two parts.

The fifth season is said to be focusing heavily on the main character Scott so it just might be that Posey is a bit weary from keeping up with his social media outlets.

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