'The Spouse House' TLC Episode 8 Recap: What's With Tom?

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Last week there was a big blowout after Tom dumped Ashley Lauren. This week picks up looking at Kelli Jo and Yesnaya's marriages.

Danny and Yesnaya are doing well, and they're both totally happy with what's happening.

Kelli Jo is super happy as well with Jimmy. Two new singles are added to the house: Elizabeth, 25 year old grad student, and Eric, a 38 year old marketer.

'The Spouse House' Tom, Ashley Lauren, and the New People

Ashley Lauren is devastated. She is crying and she's upset that she looks bad. Ashley Lauren goes on a date with Eric, and Elizabeth goes on a date with Tom.

Ashley Lauren talks to Eric, and she finds him creative and interesting. She says she won't be able to move forward as long as Tom is in the house.

Meanwhile, Tom completes his date with Elizabeth, and then has a date with the other Ashley. But she notices that Tom keeps looking over at Ashley Lauren.

At the engagement ceremony, Eric says he wants to get to know Ashley Lauren more. And Elizabeth wants to get to know Tom more. Darren and Isabella seem to be doing well, but they're not ready to get married yet.

'The Spouse House' Scott and Tracey

Scott and Tracey have been pretty serious, so they're going to meet her family. The family likes Scott because he served in the military. And Tracey's parents give their blessing to get married.

At the engagement ceremony, Scott says the only thing left is for Tracey to meet his parents.

'The Spouse House' Adds New Singles

Two new people enter the house: Michelle, and Mike. Michelle is 27 and was formerly a professional cheerleader. Mike is a mortgage banker who is a bit awkward.

After the new people are introduced, some people need to be voted out of the house. The two people that may be asked to leave are Tom and Ashley Lauren. Ashley Lauren is kicked out of the house.

Everyone is forced to join an exploratory marriage. Every woman wants Tom and every man wants the new girl, Michelle. Michelle wants Tom, and Tom wants Michelle. Everyone else is upset.

As a second prize, Mike asks Ashley K. She says yes. Regarding choosing a man, Elizabeth says "I'm a first choice" so I don't invite any of them. So she gets kicked out.

'The Spouse House' Last Couples

Darren and Isabella are doing well in their marriage, but Isabella gets pissed because Darren is tired one night and doesn't want to go out. She walks out on him.

The next day they try to work it out, but both of them are not sure. Isabella says that Darren treats her better than anyone.

Tom and Michelle get along well, and hop right into bed. The next day they plan to go to a wedding in Vegas.

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