'90 Day Fiance" Loren Slams Costar - Is a Feud Brewing?

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After all of the "90 Day Fiance" season finales that we've seen, it's clear a lot of drama can happen live on the show. As an example, the show's most infamous character, Mohamed, has actually stormed off set, accusing the show of showcasing him in too negative a light.

Additionally, we learned that Mohamed wouldn't have sex with Danielle because she "smelled." But has more happened than we know? Is it possible that other couples have learned insider information about why some of the couples have even gone on the show? "90 Day Fiance" couple Loren and Alexei now seem to be revealing that they've been privy to other couples' true intentions for being on the show.

Just who are they talking about and what intenions might they might referring to?

In a recent interview with Fox News, Loren and Alexei spoke about all of the scrutiny and criticsm that they endured because of Loren's battle with Tourette's syndrome. Loren discussed her difficulty coping with nasty comments online. Loren and Alexei also discussed how they met in Israel during Loren's birthright trip.

However. Loren also discussed how other couples on the show had applied for K1 visas for reasons other than true love.

Per Fox News:

"They get attention because its negative," Loren said. "I mean, people are drawn to negativity, we need something to talk about and they're just...it's a joke. It's like a circus act, I can't.

Alexei defended the pair adding, "I just don't care. Every couple and every person is different. Everyone has their own reasons... that's it."

Loren chimed in, "We know their reasons."

The interesting part of this statement is the question of what Loren meant when she said that she knew Mohamed's "true reasons." Was she discussing Mohamed's lack of true love for Danielle and desire to move to the US? Or was Loren referring to something more insidious that's been going on and Mohamed's intent to divorce Danielle from the very beginning of their relationship and also ensure that he could get a lot of publicity?

As we've highlighted in the past, different people from "90 Day Fiance," such as Anfisa, may have aspirations beyond simply a green card to the US. Is Mohamed interested in an acting career?

Stay tuned for our recap coming up on Sunday of the uocoming episode.

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