Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 Review/Recap: Goku vs. Toppo

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Dragon Ball Super episode 82 was on this week and it featured an impromptu match between Goku of Universe 7 vs. Toppo of Universe 11. Toppo hates Goku for putting all of the other universes in danger and wants to beat him up.

The Universe 11 Supreme Kai (named Khai) asks the Zeno-Ohs for permission to make this unexpected match. The Zeno-Ohs don't mind so Toppo and Goku can officially fight.

Beerus is scared that it will give the other Universes a chance to analyze Goku's fighting style. Whis doesn't mind because it allows them to analyze Toppo.

Toppo doesn't want to talk to Goku that much and wants to start fighting. Due to Goku putting all of the other Universes in danger of being erased, Toppo wants to humble Goku so to speak. Goku again in this episode seems unfazed and unsympathetic.

It still seems weird to me how Goku is acting in this whole saga.

He doesn't seem to be worried that all of these Universes (including his own) is in danger of being erased from history. Maybe he knows something that we don't yet?

Anyway, Goku powers up to a normal Super Saiyan to fight Toppo. Toppo is pretty strong and even manages to dislocate Goku's shoulder.

Goku is hurt, although manages to pop his shoulder back into place. Toppo is not weak, so Goku may need to use more energy on him

As the fight goes on, everything seems to be fine until Toppo grabs Goku into a "Rear Naked Choke". It looks pretty much like a bear-hug and Toppo promises to not let go until Goku's bones crack.

Beerus is scared and wants Goku to quit in order to save himself for the real tournament. Gohan on the other hand knows Goku is holding back.

Goku manages to break free from Toppo's grip by turning into Super Saiyan Blue.

The fight goes at a really fast pace now as the two speed around the fighting arena. The Zeno-Ohs seem to be really impressed with what they see.

Goku then does a mega Kamehameha and blasts Toppo in the face. Beerus and Whis think Goku has gone too far and killed Toppo.

Alas, Toppo is still standing which is very impressive. Goku powers up to Kaio-Ken while Toppo himself powers up. They are not holding back now.

The Grand Priest senses the two are giving away too much excitement and starts to call the match off.

The Grand Priest says to the Zeno-Ohs that it's better to save all the best stuff for the Tournament of Power. The Zeno-Ohs agree so the match is over.

Naive Goku seems to smile and wants to shake Toppo's hand. Again, Goku doesn't know why the other Universes hate him so much.

Toppo basically refuses to shake his hand and says he doesn't want to be friendly with evil people. Toppo warns to Goku that he's not the strongest member of Universe 11. Universe 11's strongest fighter is a person named Jiren.

The Grand Priest then announces that it will take some time for him to prepare the Tournament of Power. He says the Universes only have 40 hours to find 10 fighters.

This is a reason why Universe 7's fighters are all from planet Earth. Goku and company don't have time to search/ask for anyone else on other planets.

The episode ends with the Universe 7 gang back in their own universe. Beerus is getting sick of Goku's carefree attitude and is pretty sure everyone wants to kick his ass first in the tournament.

Beerus gets desperate and asks Whis if he could exempt Universe 7 from the tournament. Whis says he cannot do such a thing.

As of right now, Universe 7 consists of Goku, Gohan and Buu. They need to find 7 other fighters in order to compete with them. The recruitment starts next week in episode 83. As for episode 82, it was a good show.

The Goku vs. Toppo fight was entertaining, although it still didn't fully address Goku's intentions. I still feel conflicted by the way Goku's been acting lately. I'm sure my fears could be answered in future episodes.

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