Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood' Episode 8 Recap: Mike and Jordan

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Tonight was the eighth episode of MTV's Real World Seattle: Bad Blood, and it was quite a shocker.

The episode begins with Mike talking about his plans to have sex with Jordan. He's happy to have moved into the small bedroom so he can have privacy.

Meanwhile, Kassius, Anna and Katrina discuss Kassius's son. We find out that Theo hasn't yet met Kassius's son. Kassius wants to be a better father to his son than his father was to him.

The next day, the group goes to Ocean Shores.

They have a campfire on the beach, and Mike suggests a game called "candle pass," where everyone passes a light around while answering questions. During the game Theo talks about jail, which makes Kassius uncomfortable.

Mike discusses his past problems with drugs; he got kicked out of school and went to jail. He was threatened with rape.

He claims that caused him to have to join the Aryan Brotherhood. After that, Mike's friend O.D.'ed on heroin and died, and that changed his path in life.

The next day, part of the gang goes kite flying, while the rest rent scooters. Orlana starts flirting with Kassius. At night, they all go to a bar. Katrina tries to smooth things over with Mike.

Back at home, Kassius and Will talk about how they can't have fun because they're parents and they don't have money. Will tries to teach Kassius how to budget his money, but Kassius just cries and walks off.

Jordan and Robbie have a web show, so Mike wants to start one too.

He writes up contracts and gives them out. For some reason, he uses the N word in talking to Orlana, which upsets her and the other women.

Later, everyone goes out. Mike and Jordan are fooling around when Mike says: "Black guys love that s---...I bet.

You guys can rub coconut oil on your ashy a-- skin together." This really angers Jordan. Jordan tells everyone else, and they get angry too.

At the club, Jordan dances with random guys while Mike stands back looking upset. In the bathroom, he punches a wall. Then he leaves the club and returns to the house.

In the confession room, Mike talks about how he's not racist, and he feels like he's going to be portrayed negatively. He decides to leave the house.

Later, in the confession room, Mike and Jordan talk about what happened. Theo comes in. Mike is angry about the way Jordan reacted to his racist remark.

Mark starts going nuts and screaming. Jordan leaves the room and Mike and Theo talk about Mike's language. As Mike gets in the car, he and Theo give each other a big hug.

In bed Jordan tells Tyara that Mike told her that he was in love with her; she also says she knows he's not racist.

The whole thing affects Kassius heavily; he calls Theo a traitor to his race for still being friends with Mike. The two almost start hitting each other, but Tyara separates them.

The next day, Robbie and Katrina join Theo, Kassius, Tyara, Kim, Jordan, and Orlana at a Black Lives Matter event. Robbie wants to support his friends as well as show support for the cause.

The episode ends with Kassius talking to the Black Lives Matter group about his feelings.

'Real World' Real Talk Post-Episode Discussion

Here's what we learn in the post-episode discussion:

1. Mike is there, and he regrets what he said. He was embarrassed and was worried about how he was portrayed.

2. Kassius explains why he's so angry

3. Mike apologizes to everyone.

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