Logan Slices To The Top Of The Box Office Weekend

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Logan is one of the most best reviewed movies of 2017 and it appears the casual movie goer is agreeing with the critics.

The R rating did not deter the numbers at the Box Office because the movie is performing better than other X-Men movies in the franchise that were rated PG-13.

As reported by BoxOffice.com, Logan earned a highly respectable $85.3 million over the weekend.

This is higher than the $53.1 million opening that The Wolverine got back in 2013. It's also higher than the $55.1 million and $65.7 million weekends for both X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Apocalypse respectively.

The opening is on par with X-Men Origins: Wolverine which got $85 million in its opening weekend too back in 2009.

Adjusting for inflation though, the 2009 movie performed better, although it's likely Logan will have stronger legs since it's not getting critically panned.

Word of mouth will be strong for the new movie because it currently has a very high 93% score on Rotten Tomatoes. If you go to the audience score, it's even higher at 95%.

The movie ranks along as one of the best reviewed superhero movies. It has good company with the likes of The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers also ranging in the 90s range.

The only thing slowing down the movie this month is strong competition from other blockbusters. Next week sees the release of Kong: Skull Island and the week after comes Beauty and the Beast.

Not to mention the latter end of the month sees the release of Power Rangers. Logan could still do well since it's R rated and would appeal to a different demographic though.

From a worldwide perspective, Logan earned $152.5 million across 81 markets.

This makes it have one of the best worldwide openings for an R rated movie. Combined with North America, the movie earned $237.9 million globally which is big for a movie like this.

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