Constantine: City Of Demons Animated Series Is Now Available On CW Seed

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John Constantine fans have had an interesting road over the last multiple years, with the character getting his own live action series starring Matt Ryan that aired on NBC for one season back in 2014-2015.

After being cancelled, the character has jumped around quite a bit and now the previously announced animated series starring the character titled Constantine: City of Demons has finally arrived on the CW Seed.

Originally set as a standalone series, Constantine was continued with the appearance of the warlock on Arrow's fourth season when he was brought onto the show to save Sara's soul after her resurrection, with him previously meeting Oliver on the island of Lian Yu via flashbacks from the same episode.

This return of the character had everyone really excited that we may see more of him, which came to fruition with the announcement of Constantine: City of Demons.

This new animated series follows the adventures of John Constantine, voiced by Matt Ryan of course, which is st in the Arrowverse.

This is similar to both the Vixen and The Ray animated series that were also streamed on the CW Seed as well, which is The CW's streaming network.

As of right now, all five episode of Constantine: City of Demons are available for streaming on CW Seed for you to watch.

Just be forewarned that they are not very long, with each coming in at about six to seven minutes long.

Unlike Vixen that got a second season though, this might be it for Constantine in the animated realm after the recent announcement that Matt Ryan was going to be joining DC's Legends of Tomorrow for an all but confirmed fourth season as Constantine yet again.

He's already reprised the role on there twice this season, with talk that he is in more as well.

For those interested, you can check out Constantine: City of Demons right now on CW Seed by visiting this link.

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