Watch Seth Meyers Freak Out At Eric Trump On 'Late Night' on NBC

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Tonight on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Seth took a closer look at Pres. Donald Trump's executive orders and tax cuts. And the result was absolutely hilarious.

First, Seth pointed out that one of the things Trump is claiming to be most proud of is the fact that he authored 30 different executive orders since he started his presidency.

However, he pointed out that Trump had attacked Pres. Obama mercilessly for having done several executive orders during his presidency.

Seth then played a clip of Trump talking about how Obama was unable to get anybody to work with him, which is why he had to resort to executive orders.

In the clip, Trump said that Obama used the executive orders so that he could play golf.

Seth also played a clip of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who said that Trump deserves a B for his first hundred days.

A lot of the credit he gave Trump was due to the fact that Trump wrote so many executive orders. Seth then played a video of Christie complaining about Obama's executive orders in the past.

On taxes, Seth pointed out Trump's interview with the AP on tax issues. The transcript of the AP interview contained many "unintelligible" sections.

Later, Seth turned to Ivanka Trump. He played a clip of Ivanka in Berlin, where she was booed by the German audience for saying that Trump cares about families.

Finally, set third to all of the flip-flops that Trump has done on different issues since taken over the presidency. He pointed to Trump's about-face on the issue of NATO.

Originally, Trump had said that NATO was totally irrelevant. Recently, however Trump changed his position, saying that he didn't understand anything about it NATO when he was asked during the election.

However, now he does understand NATO and believes it's important. Seth's comment: "you see, I'm stupid so I lied."

Seth then played a video of Trump changing his position several times about when the wall with Mexico would be built. Seth likened it to a parent making a mistake by telling his kid when he would be attending Disneyland.

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