Ricky Gervais Argues Race With A Caller On Opie With Jim Norton Show

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Recently, Ricky Gervais was a guest on the Opie and Jim Norton radio show and he and Opie and Norton got into a pretty heavy argument on a definition of racism, while addressing a controversial vegemite incident involving an Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios.

(Video Below)

A fan of Kyrgios offered to cover his face in Vegemite if he responded to a message on Facebook and it actually happened.

The incident did not appear to be a racist gesture, however, some saw it as a possible "black-face" act and began speaking out against it.

Upon having the situation explained to him, Gervais concluded that whether or not something is racist is based on intent.

"Am I making myself look like a black person for fun or, is the thing I happen to be putting on, what if it's a face mask, I've used a face mask that's black," said Gervais to the caller.

"Im in the shower and at no point am I saying look at me I'm a black man."

The caller exclaimed "oh my god, white people will define racism now," before being cut off by Norton who said, "Hey I noticed you're not pointing out the white quarterback punching the white girl in the face," referring to the De'Andre Johnson incident.

The argument got pretty heated in terms of the caller and Norton but Gervais tried to keep as cool as possible but when the caller dared him to call him a "n*****" he got really frustrated.

Jim shut the caller down especially when the caller says, "I might, punch a b**** in the face, if I was a quarter back and she called me a n*****." Gervais found it hard to agree with violence but when he tried to agree with the caller and was interrupted many times.

You can check out the full video below.

Check out the "Racism Debate" below.

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