Here's Bill Simmons Outline of 'Game of Thrones' Fan Levels on 'Any Given Wednesday'

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The summer is in full force and that means Game of Thrones has come to an end.

On Any Given Wednesday, Bill Simmons managed to go through the different types of Game of Thrones fans from the most loyal ones to the casual ones.

During episode two of his Any Given Wednesday HBO show, Simmons said he thinks there are three levels of Game of Thrones fans. The first level is the "over-the-top maniacs," who devour George R. R. Martin books, stalk characters on and off the show, hang the map in their kitchens as if they are real maps and speak another language. Simmons calls those fans "lovable wackos." It doesn't seem like those fans would respond too well to being called wackos.

Simmons says the level two fans are only obsessed with the TV show and happen to be knowledgable and condescending. He says his wife is a level two fan and flexes the level two rank over him because he is a level three fan who watches the show for the sword fights, the battle scenes and usually tasteful nudity.

He says level three fans are still emotionally invested in the show.

To prove how emotionally invested they are, Simmons says the level three fans want the "dragon-mommy," Daenerys, to win the biggest throne of all the throne people, the short guy and the handsome guy to stay alive and Theon Greyjoy to get his private part back.

Game of Thrones won't be back for a year but it doesn't stop Simmons from having a little fun with it. You can watch his outline of Game of Thrones fan levels in the video below.

Bill Simmons Outline's Game of Thrones Fan Levels

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