'Sweet/Vicious' Episode 7 Recap: Heartbreaker

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Tonight was the seventh episode of MTV's Sweet/Vicious.

This episode begins with Jules' having a flashback about Kennedy and Nate.

Ophelia wakes her up and tells her about her plans for the day -- a celebration of the anniversary of her friendship with Harris. She asks Jules to come along.

Harris shows up with a ton of alcohol. They go to a pizza place and start doing shots -- Jules doesn't partake because she doesn't drink anymore. She again flashes back to thinking about Kennedy and Nate. In the flashback, she is at a party getting drunk with Nate -- Kennedy isn't there.

She gets totally drunk and Nate puts her on the bar and...goes to lay down in Nate's bed. Nate shows up and gets on her while she's sleeping.

She tries to stop him, but he keeps going. She leaves the room in tears.

Back in her room, she searches rape on the computer. Then she goes to health clinic and requests a rape kit.

Waking up from the flashback, Jules walks down the street with Harrison and Ophelia. They go to the record store, and Harris slips into the back room and publishes his article on the vigilante.

While Jules is at the record store, Tyler shows up. Jules has another flashback, after which she suddenly wants to drink again. Ophelia tries to talk her out of it but has no luck.

Jules quickly becomes drunk and starts acting crazy. At the same time, a drunk Ophelia sees Evan and approaches him.

He's not interested because she's drunk. Harris gets a call telling him he was kicked off the law journal for publishing his article.

While Jules is drinking, she returns to her flashback. She is at the office to report her rape.

The woman at the office acts like it was Jules' fault because she was drunk. When Jules tells the woman Nate's name, she convinces Jules to stay quiet, since Nate is important on campus.

Jules awakens and sees Nate -- she dresses up as the vigilante and plans to do something to Nate, but Ophelia stops her.

The next day, Tyler is in his room and notices the picture of his brother that he was sent was an old picture from Facebook.

He goes to the police to file a missing persons report. Separately, Harris is upset that he was kicked off the law journal and decides to continue with his investigation.

The episode ends with Jules at group therapy.

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