Colin Donnell Teased For Non-Flashback Return To Arrow By Star Stephen Amell

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Arrow just returned this past Thursday with the all new episode titled The Thanatos Guild, which was the 16th episode of season.

Unlike DC's Legends of Tomorrow that will be ending in less than two weeks for the season, Arrow will be running until May.

This means we still have plenty to learn about the rest of the season, which appears to include yet another returning character.

We already reported earlier about the announcement that Caity Lotz was going to be showing up in the Arrow season six finale.

That is not the only guest star we apparently will be seeing in the final stretch run on the season though it appears.

The above image was posted by star Stephen Amell on his Twitter with the following message:

"21 episodes into Season 6 and I still haven’t shot a flashback. So this picture... this picture feels really good!"

This image and tweet seem to confirm that former series regular Colin Donnell, who played Tommy Merlyn in the show's first season before dying in the finale will be returning to the show somehow before the end of the season.

The tweet itself seems to hint at him showing up in episode 21, but that could just be the wording of 21 episodes into the season.

The other question is how he would be showing up on the show if not a flashback?

Maybe we get a big of Earth-2 somehow here with Black Siren and we see Earth-2 Tommy Merlyn.

We already saw the evil Earth-X version of Tommy that was Prometheus in this year's crossover, so it would be interesting to see yet another take.

It is doubtful that Donnell will have a major role in the episode though considering he also stars in Chicago Med. However, perhaps that show wrapped up filming for the season early and it allowed him to pop in. 

Either way, we'll probably get more official confirmation in the time leading up since it must not be a huge secret with Amell tweeting about it. 


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