Space Jam 2 Will Keeps Its Release Date For Now

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Thanks to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, many movies have had to change their original release dates. As for Space Jam 2, LeBron James revealed in a new interview that the release date for that movie is staying for now.

Space Jam 2 is of course the highly anticipated sequel to the 1996 original starring Michael Jordan. The sequel stars LeBron James and he is also a producer on the movie too.

LeBron James mentioned no change in the movie's release date while being interviewed by the Road Trippin' Podcast. You can read his comments posted down below.

“Space Jam has always been scheduled to come out in July of 2021. So we’re kind of ok. And a lot of it right now is animation, so being indoors is actually great for us. So we’re still on. Just like everything in the world, everything is slowed down a little bit, but we’re still on target. I’m looking forward to it. During this time right now, I wish we could release it right now, man, and give people some things to watch in their households. But we got until next year, next summer. We’re excited about it.”

Space Jam 2 is due for release in North America on July 16th, 2021. Many newer NBA and WNBA stars will be in the movie as well as many cartoon characters from many different movies and TV shows. 

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