Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 Review/Recap: Frost Is Up To No Good

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After taking a one week break, Dragon Ball Super is back with episode 107.

This episode focuses on Frost from Universe 6. Frost is someone that Universe 7 has to look out for because he has many plans up his sleeve that could be troublesome.

Episode 107 of Dragon Ball Super starts off with a flashback scene as Frost is talking with Champa. Frost has a plan to disrupt Universe 7.

Frost wants to prove his worth to Universe 6 after letting them down the first time by cheating in the prior tournament. What trick does he have up his sleeve?

We then get a brief overview from The Grand Priest on how many fighters are left in the tournament. You can read the following breakdown.

Universe 2: Six Warriors., Universe 3: Seven Warriors, Universe 4: Four Warriors, Universe 6: Eight Warriors, Universe 7: Eight Warriors, Universe 11: Three Warriors. Overall, 36 fighters remain in the tournament so far.

A fight then starts with Universe 11's Dyspo vs a new blue enemy. This new enemy acts like clay and can change his shape.

He goes by the name of Maji Kayo and he is a part of Universe 3.

Just about as Dyspo looks like he's defeated, Jiren decides to finally fight. Jiren easily knocks Maji Kayo out of bounds with just one punch! It's cool to see how powerful Jiren really is.

Anyway, we then cut to Frost who is picking on a weakened Master Roshi. Frost's plan is to pretty much fight against fighters that have run out of stamina.

Not a noble tactic, but it's technically still within the rules. As I aforementioned, the character loves to play dirty.

Just about as it looks like Master Roshi is defeated, he pulls out the Mafuba (Evil Containment Wave) again.

Frost is unaware of the attack and nearly gets trapped. However due to Master Roshi's weakened state, Roshi was unable to trap Frost in the jar.

Just about as Frost is going to end Master Roshi, Vegeta of all people makes the save.

Vegeta says he's not helping Roshi, he just came to beat up Frost because he pisses him off. Vegeta always hated the Frieza race and Frost is no different.

Just before we get to see a showdown between Frost and Vegeta, Magetta comes in to ruin the party.

Magetta and Frost are on the same team so the odds are not in Vegeta's favor. Not even Vegeta's Big Bang Attack cannot harm the mighty Magetta.

Master Roshi decides to do one more Mafuba (Evil Containment Wave). This will be the third time he will be doing the move.

Everyone is worried because Roshi could die from exhaustion by doing the move too many times.

Roshi aims for Magetta, but Frost deflects the attack and can now control the wave himself. Somehow, Frost directs the wave to Vegeta and he manages to seal Vegeta inside the jar!

Just about as you think Vegeta is out of the tournament, Roshi does one last attack. It's a small Ki blast that manages to break the jar.

Roshi saves Vegeta so Vegeta is still in the tournament.

Frost escapes while Vegeta powers up to Super Saiyan Blue to boot out Magetta from the tournament. Master Roshi drops out of the tournament and is luckily saved by a Senzu Bean.

I initially thought this episode included Frieza, although that will be happening next week. Anyway, it was cool to see Jiren for a little bit.

He is by far the strongest warrior in the entire tournament. It will be fun to see what other powers he has.

Another strong element of this episode is the fact that it shows Vegeta as somewhat of a team player.

Vegeta and Master Roshi have never really interacted with one another before, but they both respect one another. It was also interesting to see Vegeta caring about Roshi's well being as he urged him not to die.

With Frost still in the tournament, this spells trouble for the Universe 7 team.

They need to get rid of him quickly because he is a cunning fellow that will do anything he can to win. Stay tuned again next week for our full review and recap.

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