'Married By Mom And Dad' TLC Season 2 Epsiode 1: Devin, Marissa, and Bethany

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Tonight was the first episode of season 2 of TLC's Married By Mom And Dad. In this season, we meet all new families.

Married By Mom and Dad: Devin Duggan

The first person we meet is Devin Duggan. Devin is a former professional football player, and he claims to have dated the sexiest girls, but he didn't like them because they weren't in it for the right reason.

Devin has an active social life, and when we first meet him, he's picking up women at a bar.

He says he has ruined a lot of relationships because he was "about himself," and he has had issues with trust and infidelity.

We find out from his friend that there is a serious concern about how Devin will remain faithful.

Devin is apparently not a genius. When the producers ask him what he thinks about monogamy, he doesn't know what the word means.

With respect to having his parents pick a woman, Devin is concerned that his parents may not really understand what he wants.

He also is concerned about the woman being "ugly." Given that he has been a control freak, this decision was especially difficult.

Devin's parents, Lisa and Frank, were at first skeptical about finding a woman for Devin, but they eventually came around.

They analyzed "tons of video" and have begun the process of singling them out. They say that Devin is looking for a stong woman.

The first woman Devin's parents meet is Ursula, who says she "cleared" her life to meet the right person.

Ursula had planned to meet Devin's parents on a motorboat, but Devin's mom does not feel comfortable getting in the boat. They end up in some sort of boat house.

Ursula calls herself a "boss woman" who has her own business which she says is worth six-figures.

However, she has a secret: when she found out that she was going to be competing for Devin, she found him online and started texting back-and-forth with him.

This annoys Devin's parents, who believe that her actions were dishonest; they seem to about-face on their impression of her after hearing that.

We later find out that when Ursula reached out to Devin, he found her pictures online and he wasn't impressed. He doesn't know if he'd go through with getting married if his parents pick her.

Next, Devin's parents have a "date" with a bubbly young woman named Kelsi. They meet Kelsi and her parents at their house.

Devin's dad, Frank, remarks several times on how attractive Kelsi is.

Kelsi calls herself a "relationship girl." She says that she is looking for someone who values family and is authentic. Her parents, meanwhile, say that she is looking for someone who doesn't take himself too seriously.

Married By Mom And Dad: Marissa Salviano

We next meet Marissa Salviano in San Diego. She says she has always seen herself with a family and kids, and she feels ready to do that.

Marissa's parents are Matt and Leslie Salviano. Matt and Leslie met when they were fifteen, and they've been married for thirty years.

They have a very traditional lifestyle, with the father working and the mother who stayed home and raised the kids. They explain that Marissa needs someone who is "self-sufficient."

We first find Marissa hanging out with her friends, and telling them about the whole Married By Mom and Dad thing.

The friends are incredulous, but they say that she's very brave. The friends also say that she has very high standards, especially for looks.

Marissa says she doesn't take s--- from people; she knows what she wants and she gets what she wants. She has a high opinion of herself.

For instance, she thinks she's very attractive and needs a very attractive guy. She also tells her dad to "make sure you can find someone who can afford me."

We don't meet any of the guys courting Marissa in this episode.

Married By Mom and Dad: Bethany Layton

The third person we meet is Bethany Layton. She is a fifth-grade teacher in Charlotte, NC. She says he hasn't dated because she didn't want to get stuck in any particular location. She is active, and looking for "someone to go on adventures with." She also is looking for someone who is romantic.

Bethany says she has very bad taste in men, so she thinks her parents may be better. Her mother, Julie Slater, and father, Tom Layton, are divorced. Her father has had five marriages.

Bethany tells us that her mom hates her father, so their working together may cause serious problems. As soon as the two parents meet, we start to see a lot of tension and passive-aggressiveness.

We don't meet any of the guys who are interested in Bethany in this episode.

That's all for this episode...except, there's one amazing thing that we learn in the season preview: Devin finds out he slept with the wedding planner.

How will that go down with his future wife? We'll have to wait and see.

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