More Info Revealed About The Upcoming Shazam Movie From DC

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The DCEU is expanding as more standalone movies are being made.

This time, we have more news regarding the standalone movie for the character of Shazam. Shazam is an energetic character that kind of has similar abilities to that of Superman.

The difference between Shazam and Superman is mainly their alter egos. While Superman poses as an adult Clark Kent, Shazam is a little boy named Billy Batson.

When he shouts "Shazam", he turns into the adult superhero character. Wouldn't that be cool to have in real life?

Anyway, The Hollywood Reporter gathered some more info about the new movie. The report says filming is expected to start in January or February 2018 with a release date expected in 2019.

David F. Sandberg (Annabelle: Creation) will be directing the movie. It will be produced by Peter Safran who has worked with Sandberg in the past.

However, the report doesn't know if Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will be in the movie yet. The Rock plays Black Adam who has always served to be Shazam's greatest villain.

It's highly suggested DC is saving the introduction of Black Adam in his own standalone movie instead.

This is because Warner Bros. and DC is confident that The Rock can carry a movie by himself to rack in lots of Box Office money.

Right now, nobody knows who will play Shazam at the moment. Since The Rock is playing Black Adam, many wrestling fans are hoping John Cena gets the part.

Cena has experimented with several Hollywood movies recently as he's toning down his WWE wrestling career at the moment. If Cena is cast, they need to get a kid that looks like him too

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