The Flash Season 4 Episode 3 Review/Recap: 'Luck Be A Lady'

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The Flash season 4 continues and The Thinker is still planning something for our heroes.

Episode 4 is called 'Luck Be A Lady' and it centers around an interesting villain by the name of Becky Sharpe. She is unlike any other villain that has appeared on the show previously.

Right off the bat, you can tell that Season 4 of The Flash is different from the previous season. It appears as if the show writers want to put more humor to the series.

'Luck Be A Lady' not only has more humor, but Barry Allen himself is more optimistic. This is far from the depressing Barry we saw last season.

Anyway, Becky Sharpe has has bad luck her entire life. That is until she becomes a metahuman and her fortunes turn around.

She uses some type of energy in order to make her life better.

However, the more luck she gets the worse life becomes for everyone around her. If she uses too much of her own luck, it could potentially destroy Central City.

What's interesting about this episode is that The Flash team know the reason why all these metahumans have appeared. It is because Barry Allen exposed a bus full of people to dark matter when he escaped the speed force.

12 people were affected so more metahumans await the team. This is all part of The Thinker's plan, who still sits on his throne for the time being.

A lot of funny stuff happens in this episode as everyone gets bad luck. First of all, Wally West gets dumped by Jesse as she feels their relationship cannot work when they live on different Earths.

Harrison Wells is kicked out of Earth 2 as Jesse feels he's pushing her too hard. Joe's house starts falling apart and Cecile wants to move out.

Iris West is paranoid and a humorous scene follows where she wants to marry Barry ASAP. Her plan fails when the priest gets sick and cannot marry them.

Even Barry himself gets bad luck as he cannot arrest Becky Sharpe easily. He comically keeps falling over by things on the floor that makes him slip.

When Becky Sharpe goes to the casino, her power grows. There doesn't seem to be a good plan to stop her as Barry is even powerless to bad luck. That is until the particle accelerator goes off at Star Labs.

The particle accelerator negates Becky Sharpe's powers. After that happens, the city is saved and The Flash is able to arrest her. Still, The Thinker watches on from afar.

The ending scene is the most interesting one. Cecile decides to stay in the old home much to the relief of Joe.

However, she drops a huge bomb on him saying she is pregnant.

Joe is speechless and that is how the episode ended. It seems as if Joe wants to bail out of their relationship judging by the look on his face.

There's things I liked about this episode and things I didn't. First of all, The Flash is super fast but it seemed bad that just a couple of marbles and other debris is enough to stop him.

One would think he's fast enough to anticipate potential obstacles that stand in his way. That said, I did like the lighter tone of this episode.

The thing I didn't like the most is the way the series has treated Wally West. Wally has been an afterthought in Season 4 and it shows.

Not only does Jesse break up with him, but near the end of the episode Wally decides to leave Team Flash and leave in another city. The show writers could have done more with Wally, but suddenly he's now leaving.

Anyway, Season 4 feels a lot different to the other seasons of The Flash.

The lighter tone is a nice touch, although it may take a while before the meat of the story kicks in. The Thinker is still watching from afar so it will take time before Team Flash encounter him.

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