Are The Alien: Covenant Sequels Still Going Ahead?

Alien: Covenant was supposed to be an improvement over Prometheus, but sadly the film received the same amount of negative response from hardcore fans.

The Box Office performance for the film was mediocre so 20th Century Fox is reevaluating the franchise.

As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, sources tell them that 20th Century Fox has to reassess two intended sequels that Ridley Scott had previously pitched to them.

Ridley Scott is busy at the moment working on both All the Money in the World and The Cartel.

The reason 20th Century Fox has to rethink the Alien franchise is because Alien: Covenant earned a middling $232.3 million worldwide. This is far less than the $403.4 million that Prometheus earned back in 2012.

The only upside to Covenant is that it only cost Fox $97 million to make. Still, the dwindling numbers mean that audiences just don't care about the prequels anymore.

Fox could go a different route and green light Alien 5 again.

Director Neil Blomkamp was interested in making the film, but Ridley Scott put those plans to bed as he didn't want two Alien franchises going on at the same time.

However, things could look different now since Fox seems unhappy with the Box Office results from Scott's own Covenant.

The Alien franchise is similar is to the Terminator franchise in a lot of ways. Only the first two films are universally praised while the rest of the films are not as well liked.

Terminator itself is going through its own hurdles as Paramount Pictures wasn't happy with the reception Terminator Genisys got. Only time can tell what will happen to both franchises in the near future.

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