Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood' Episode 4: It's About To Go Down

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On tonight's episode of Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood', the bad blood finally arrives. Each character finally finds out who MTV picked from their past, and the sparks start to fly.

Here we go with the recap:

Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood' - Before the Arrival

At the beginning of the episode, we see Mike talking to Theo about his cousin Kassius (who will soon be arriving at the house). Theo believes that Kassius got him kicked out of college and lost his football scholarship because the police caught Kassius with drugs, and he said the drugs belonged to Theo.

Theo left a scholarship at a Division 1 school and ended up at a Division 3 school. Kassius, meanwhile, claims that the drugs were in fact Theo's.

The housemates decide to go out to a club for the evening. At the club, Jordan and Mike get drunk and grind on the dance floor. Tyara gets upset when the housemants go downstairs in the club without telling her.

In anger, she starts throwing things around and yelling at the other girls. She throws a giant tantrum; Mike tries to calm her down. Theo then comes and starts streaming at her.

Theo complains to Robbie about the situation, and the others jump in. Katrina starts to get upset about the drama, and she and Tyara begin to go at it.

In the confession room, Theo tries to calm Tyara down. The two jump into bed together.

Next, Jordan and Mike enter the confession room. They start to cuddle, and we're left to wonder whether they hook up.

At the same time, the bad blood characters are roasting marshmallows, about to make their way to the house. Anna, Katrina's sister, explains her relationship with her sister.

The next morning, the bad blood girls are talking. We find out that Anna and Peter made out the night before, and plan to sleep in the same bed at the house.

They discuss whether Robbie has hooked up with anyone.

Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood' - The Arrival

In the house, Tyara apologizes for getting angry. And they then plan to go to the zoo, during which time the bad blood cast arrives at the house.

It turns out that the walls were fake, and the show's crew takes them down to make bigger rooms with beds for the bad blood cast members.

The bad blood cast members find their friends/family/etc beds and start to get comfortable. They decide to wait in the bedrooms for the main cast members to return.

On arrival, most of the cast members start to talk, but Will ignores Anika, causing an argument. We find out that Will got a girl pregnant without telling Anika, and that ruined their friendship.

Mike tells Tyara that Kim is saying bad things (that her accent is fake) about her behind her back. Tyara calls her brother about Kim and vows to "beat her a---".

The two groups (old and new) mostly avoid each other. Both groups plan to hang out separately.

Outside, Katrina and Anna both talk and say that even though they fight they'll always stick together. Inside, Mike and Kassius start to discuss Theo, and things begin to get heated.

Theo comes in, and he and Kassius argue about the drug incident. Peter starts to taunt Tyara about her accent, and she tries to hit him. Security has to restrain her.

At the end, we see security holding back Tyara as the others look on.

That's all for this episode, we'll be back here next week.

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