Sister Wives Catfish Scandal: What Is It?

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Sister Wives, the controversial show on TLC that documents the lives of a polygamist family consisting of Kody Brown, his four wives and his eighteen children, has seen its share of drama.

We've been through Kody's marriage to Robyn, the birth of children, the family's move from Utah to Nevada, and more recently, the ups and downs of Kody's relationship with Meri.

But what's the latest gossip about the Sister Wives? Well, it turns out that Meri Brown has a major catfishing scandal! What is it?

Sister Wives: An Affair

After more than 20 years of marriage, per reports, Meri Brown was caught having an explosive affair outside of her polygamist relationship with Kody Brown.

But even more shocking is Meri's report that she was catfished, and the man she thought she was having an online affair with was in fact a woman.

As if of mid-May, Meri Brown's Twitter feed began to be filled with cryptic statements about catfishing:

We also soon see the following in her Twitter (interestingly, @Cher711 is a user whose account is currently suspended).

Sister Wives: Catfishing

Per Radar, Meri Brown was having an affair online with someone she thought was "Sam Cooper," a wealthy and attractive businessman.

Howevver, "Sam Cooper" turned out to be a woman named Jackie Overton. InTouch Magazine actually spoke with Jackie Overton and noted the following:

Interestingly enough, within hours of the confrontation, the phone number provided for "Sam Cooper" -- which was also connected to Jackie, and another one of her fake identities (a woman named Lindsay who claimed to be Sam's assistant) -- had been disconnected. Shortly thereafter, the website used as a front for "Sam's" business was taken offline as well.

Meri Brown claims that "Sam Cooper"/Jackie Overton was someone she thought was a man, but who turned out to be a lesbian woman who duped her.

Brown goes onto say that she never actually met "Cooper"/Overton offline, nor did she have any kind of physical relationship. She had actually received fake pictures from Overton that were of a man.

In an upcoming Sister Wives tell-all special, Meri Brown will explain more details of the catfishing incident.

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