Dragon Ball Super Episode 81 Review/Recap: Goku vs. Bergamo

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Dragon Ball Super episode 81 features the third exhibition match between Universe 7 vs. Universe 9. This time it's Goku vs.

Bergamo who is the leader for the "Trio De Dangers".

It's an interesting episode, although some might label Goku to be one of the worst protagonists of all time.

I felt very uncomfortable watching this episode since Goku is supposed to be a good guy, but here he's clearly the villain.

Anyway, Bergamo is scared that all of the Universes are getting erased. He tells all of the Gods that it's Goku's fault that all of the Universes are in danger of being erased in the first place. Everyone pretty much agrees with Bergamo.

Bergamo then asks Zen-Oh a proposition.

If Bergamo wins his match against Goku, the rule about all of the Universes getting erased gets abolished.

To stop Goku from letting himself lose on purpose, The Grand Priest warns Goku to try his best or else he will erase everyone immediately.

Bergamo is a strong opponent and Goku finds this out pretty early on in this Dragon Ball Super episode. Bergamo absorbs all of Goku's punches and is able to literally grow bigger.

Goku is unfazed and feels he can still beat Bergamo. It's interesting to note that Gohan and Hercule are cheering on for Goku. It's like they want to see all of the Universes get erased too...

As the fight goes on, Bergamo is getting cockier but Goku has more tricks up his sleeve. He turns into a Super Saiyan and flies around the arena.

Bergamo is still able to hold his own during the duration of the fight. It seems as if being a Super Saiyan is not strong enough to beat Bergamo.

Goku doesn't hold back and then turns into Super Saiyan Blue. All of the Gods are in awe that Goku is able to become as strong as them. Goku ups the ante and uses Kaio-ken at the same time as Super Saiyan Blue.

Goku then delivers the final blow which is a Kamehameha wave. Bergamo is unable to fight and falls to the ground. The winner of the match is Goku!

Goku seems pretty happy and is unfazed at this point. To me, this episode was great in terms of the fight itself, but was the most poorly written Dragon Ball Super episode to date. Goku seems not to care that the lives of everyone in multiple Universes are about to die.

All he cares about is fighting and that's about it. He didn't feel any sympathy or sadness about beating Bergamo. Zeno-Oh will still destroy everyone after all...

Anyway after the fight, we get the official rules for the Tournament of Power. It's not going to be a traditional one-on-one series of fights like usual.

It will be an 80-person battle royal with a time limit of around 48 minutes long. If you have seen Battle Royals in wrestling, it's when 20 or 30 men step inside the ring and the winner is the person still left standing.

In the Tournament of Power, ring-outs are legal although you can still eliminate people by knocking them out. Killing opponents, using weapons or flying is not allowed.

The winning Universe is the one still left standing or has the most members still inside the ring after 48 minutes are up. Teamwork is of great importance here and Beerus is worried because this is not Goku's strong suit.

Toppo from Universe 11 however interrupts things and comes down into the ring to challenge Goku to a fight. Toppo believes there is still evil in the heart of Goku and warns that he won't win. Goku smirks to accept his challenge and the episode ends like that.

Next episode on Dragon Ball Super will be Goku vs. Toppo. As a reminder, episode 82 airs on March 19th, 2017 as Super is taking a break next week.

Overall, episode 81 was a mixed bag for me. The fight itself is entertaining but Goku is clearly becoming John Cena or Roman Reigns at this point. He's supposed to be the main good guy, but in reality he's actually the ultimate villain.

It will be interesting to see if Toppo is the one to show him how evil he has become in this story arc.

Maybe they are labeling Goku as a villain on purpose? If so, that would be exciting. If not, than Goku is just a really bad good guy...

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