Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 Review/Recap: Kale and Caulifa Unite vs. Goku

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Dragon Ball Super episode 114 continues the all Saiyan fight. It is still Goku from Universe 7 going up against the duo of Kale and Caulifa from Universe 6.

Kale and Caulifa are getting stronger as they learn their Saiyan powers and more. This fight will not be easy for Goku who is still not at full strength yet.

Kale goes beserk at the start of this Dragon Ball Super episode. This is the same 'Broly' mode that we saw several weeks ago. However, this time Kale is able to control her power.

Caulifa says to Kale that she's her best friend. The kind words allow Kale to control her power, and it also makes her stronger. Even Goku is literally shaking at the power that Kale possesses.

Goku still lacks all of his energy, so he starts the fight as a Super Saiyan 2 again.

Goku tries his best to fend off the pair, but they are too strong for him at the moment. The two-on-one battle is proving to be tougher on him that he initially thought.

Elsewhere in the tournament, Vegeta is still arrogant as always.

He claims to Toppo that he is the top Saiyan even after seeing Kale's new form. With Goku being able to reach 'Ultra Instinct', I doubt Vegeta is going to be the strongest Saiyan on the show anytime soon.

Frieza on the other hand has to deal with a fighter I have not seen before. It's a police officer type of character by the name of Katopesla from Universe 3.

He has a robotic suit and acts as lame as Gohan does when he's the Great Saiyaman. Frieza has to wait to fight Katopesla because Caulifa and Goku come crashing through.

Frieza wants to fight the Saiyan females for himself, but Goku stops him. Goku says he was handling them first so orders Frieza to stand down for the time being.

As Goku fights Kale and Caulifa, it appears as if the pair are getting the upper hand.

They can even anticipate his Instant Transmission technique. This forces Goku to up the stakes as he transforms into the red Super Saiyan God form.

Super Saiyan God is a step up and Kale and Caulifa seem to struggle. Goku fires off some powerful Ki blasts which Kale deflects, but Caulifa fails to avoid.

Caulifa is weakened from the blast as Kale catches her from the air. Goku thinks the fight is over and wants to fight them again in the future. It looks like he wants to move on and fight other people.

Goku fires off a Kamehameha in hopes of breaking the ring so both of them get eliminated. However, Caulifa and Kale fuse to become one. Their fusion introduces us to an all new fighter now called 'Kefla'.

They manage to fuse thanks to the Potara earrings. Vados says the power allows them to grow their power by ten times! One has to wonder if Goku needs assistance from either Frieza or Vegeta.

Speaking of Vegeta, even he is amazed by Kefla's power. This week's episode ends with Kefla punching Goku in the face...

Again, this is another strong episode of Dragon Ball Super. Both Caulifa and Kale are really strong and can manage to hang with Goku.

Not to mention the addition of Kefla is a nice surprise.

Fusion by Potara earrings appears to be legal in the Tournament of Power. Anyway, I love these action packed episodes plus Krillin was not as annoying as he was last week.

The only flaw I noticed this week is with some shoddy animation frames. The jerky animation occured when Caulifa was trying to run away from Goku's Ki blast.

It was the same kind of amateur drawings we all witnessed from episode 5. Other than that, the rest of the episode was animated well.

Next week it's another episode with Goku facing off against Kefla. Goku will need to try extra hard to stay in the tournament.

If not, he could get eliminated early. Stay tuned to us next week as we will be posting yet another recap and review.

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