Sonic the Hedgehog Sprints To The Top Of The Box Office

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Unlike other video game adaptations, Sonic the Hedgehog is looking like a huge winner for Paramount Pictures. The movie has gotten the biggest opening weekend for a video game movie ever!

As reported by Box Office Pro, Sonic the Hedgehog has estimated to have earned $57 million in its traditional 3 day opening weekend. This is slightly higher than the $54 million opening weekend of Detective Pikachu earned last year.

If we count the four day public holiday weekend, the total rises up to $68 million. The movie is already the second highest opening weekend of 2020 so far.

While the critic reviews for Sonic the Hedgehog are mixed at 63 percent via Rotten Tomatoes, the Audience Score is at 95 percent! The Cinemascore is great too with an impressive "A" rating.

Sonic the Hedgehog can easily rule the Box Office before Pixar's Onward movie comes out two weeks later. We won't know its full overseas potential because the film isn't released in Russia, Japan or China yet.

Nevertheless, it looks like Sonic might be the best received video game movie of all time at this rate. Paramount Pictures made the right decision to remodel Sonic as his original formed angered fans due to his ugly appearance.

In other Box Office news, Birds of Prey continues to disappoint with only a $142.9 million global total thus far. It's sad the movie didn't find a wide audience because it's a fun film that deserved more popularity.

The only other new releases this week was Fantasy Island and The Photograph which only earned over $12 million each in their domestic opening weekends.

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