'90 Day Fiance' Season 4 Episode 11: Anfisa Keys "Idiot" Into Jorge's Car

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Tonight was the 11th episode of 90 Day Fiance season 4. Who were among the couples to make it to the altar and whose relationships imploded during this episode? Read on to find out.

90 Day Fiance: Jorge and Anfisa

At the beginning of the episode, we find Jorge continuing to dine with his sister and her friends. Jorge says that he's exhausted by the relationship with Anfisa and is no longer sure if he should buy her the engagement ring. The scene ends dramatically with Jorge's family telling the camera, "Go home Anfisa." Jorge then heads home where his conversation with Anfisa is overheard but not filmed.

We briefly hear them arguing then doors slamming. Jorge then comes out and says that Anfisa told him to get out.

Jorge then makes his way out of the apartment and back to the car and confesses to the camera that he wants the Anfisa he used to know. He's starting to recognize that Anfisa is not right for him.

Next, we learn from Jorge that Anfisa left him a message telling him that she has done something to his second car (does he really have a second car? Check out the dirt on Jorge here.). Jorge gets back to the parking garage and finds out that keyed "Idiot" into his car.

This the moment when Jorge decides to break up with Anfisa and have her return to Russia. He tells producers that he prefers to talk to Anfisa off screen.

Jorge and Anfisa decide that she should head back to Russia. When producers ask Anfisa how she feels about going home, she rolls her eyes.

Jorge and Anfisa then go off the grid, driving away fast enough that producers cannot catch up with them.

When Jorge and Anfisa return, Jorge tells producers that they couldn't find a flight.

Every time Jorge gets camera time alone to try to tell the producers what's going on, Anfisa comes out and tries to trap him back in the apartment.

When we next meet Jorge, it's a few days later. Jorge notes that Anfisa seems to thrive off of conflict.

He gets a conciliatory phone call from Anfisa who says that she wants to talk things out.

Jorge insists she needs to be a normal person when they talk. Jorge says that a part of him wants Anfisa to leave but a part of him wants her to stay.

The moment for their "talk" arrives and Jorge and Anfisa head out for dinner. Anfisa says she loves Jorge but she feels left alone a lot, which she hates. Jorge is finally able to appreciate Anfisa's perspective.

Jorge asks Anfisa to try to communicate with him more maturely.

Anfisa apologizes to Jorge for her childish behavior. When Jorge asks Anfisa what the most important thing in their relationship is, she retorts, "money," and then jokes, "just kidding, love." Still, her response is enough to reassure Jorge (for now).

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90 Day Fiance: Chantel and Pedro

Chantel and Pedro are 24 hours away from the wedding. They head to a legal office to determine if a prenup is appropriate.

Chantel admits to not having any assets but notes that her family does have assets (which she will inherit), and they feel that Chantel needs to protect these assets.

Chantel looks concerned when the lawyer tells her that the turnaround time for a prenup is a lot longer than the time she has until the wedding.

The entire situation makes Chantel extremely upset, so Chantel decides to obtain a generic prenup online. Chantel feels she's scrambling to get ready for her wedding and feels disappointed about how last-minute all of the wedding preparations are.

Her irritability begins to incite Pedro, and they start to have a fight. Pedro asks Chantel if she wants to marry him or not.

Chantel and Pedro do end up reconciling, but Chantel still gets distraught when she can't reach her parents or her brother before heading out to get married.

Soon, it's the time of their wedding, and Chantel and Pedro head to the park. Bishop Watson and Chantel's friend are there, but at first, Chantel's family is nowhere to be found.

In time, Chantel's family does arrive. Chantel's parents insist on seeing the prenuptial agreement that Chantel and Pedro signed.

River, Chantel's brother, is noticeably absent and reportedly attending a basketball game. But, just in time, he arrives and all of Chantel's family wind up being present for the ceremony.

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90 Day Fiance: Nicole and Azan

Nicole notes that since getting back from Morocco she hasn't been taking to Azan as regularly.

Nicole's mother is really concerned to hear about how Azan treated Nicole, so Nicole and her mother head out for a way so that they can have a heart to heart.

Nicole's mother wants Nicole to face the truth that she and Azan are just too different. Nicole gets really tearful when she reveals that she knows a lot of people would break up with Azan -- even though she didn't.

Nicole decides to have a talk with her brother to try to resolve her ambivalence. Her brother is concerned about the fact that the only time Nicole feels good about the relationship is when she's on the phone with Azan.

Thomas, Nicole's brother, is insightful in noting that Nicole grabs onto a fake version of Azan that she holds in her head.

But in person, the real Azan comes out. Nicole admits after listening to her mother and brother that she does have some doubts about the relationship with Azan.

Next, Nicole visits a lawyer to better understand the financial consequences of applying for a K-1 visa.

She learns that the application itself will cost her $5,000 and that she needs to be able to financially support Azan when he arrives in the US. Nicole begins to realize given that she works as a barista and has a 2 year old daughter, she'll probably needs her mom's help.

So Nicole sits down with her mother to discuss the fact that she doesn't have sufficient money to sponsor Azan. Although Nicole pleads, Nicole's mother refuses to co-sponsor Azan's visa.

Still, Nicole notes that she's taking May with her to Morocco the next time she visits Azan. Nicole's mom tells Nicole that she needs to focus on herself rather than pursuing Azan so unquestioningly.

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90 Day Fiance: Matt and Alla

Matt's wedding to Alla is right around the corner. Despite this, Alla hasn't been able to tell Matt that she loves him. Still, Alla is thrilled that her sister will be there for the wedding.

Matt and Alla have a pre-wedding celebration and both her sister and all of Matt's family get together. Alla notes that she's starting to get excited about her wedding.

At the wedding rehearsal dinner, Patrick has a chance to speak with Matt and tell him that he thinks the wedding is going to be a train-wreck.

Patrick says he'll be coming to the wedding but he's uncertain about the possibility of voicing an objection.

90 Day Fiance: Narkiya and Lowo

Narkiya is in Vietnam with Lowo and heads to the Vietnamese Ministry of Justice. It turns out that Lowo's story checks out and for the time-being, Narkiya seems appeased.

Narkiya heads out for a night on the town with Lowo and one of his friends. Narkiya winds up finding out from Lowo's friend that Lowo had been talking to his baby momma.

On finding this out, Narkiya explodes and starts to fight with Lowo. Lowo believes that if Narkiya would just listen to him, she'd understand. But Narkiya refuses to hear him out and storms off.

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That's it for tonight's 2 hour special of 90 Day Fiance. There is also a tell-all episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, which we recap here. We can't wait to find out what happens next week. Stay tuned.

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