'90 Day Fiance' What Now Episode 2 Recap: Aleksandra and Josh's Daughter Continues to Be Off Screen

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Tonight on "90 Day Fiance: What Now?" we saw all of the couples continuing to cope with all of their ongoing stresors. Read on to find out more.

Aleksandra and Josh

Aleksandra talks to her mom about how she misses the big city life of Omaha since Rexburg is so provincial.

Later, we find out that Josh got wait-listed at Creighton, a medical school based on Omaha, which is where Aleksandra would prefer to be. Meanwhile, we continue to only see part of Kaya's body in the film frame.

Melanie and Devar

Melanie talks about how she's going to handle Devar being away for weeks at a time because he's attending diving school.

When Devar returns home, Melanie tells him about her sister's visit. She and Devar discuss how they're going to adjust to the baby's arrival in the setting of Devar's being away.

Narkiya and Lowo

Lowo has been living with Narkiya for a few weeks. Nirakiya is surprised at how Lowo has been adjusting. She's also concerned about the fact that Lowo is keeping his dating website up to date. For good reason, Narkiya is beginning to get suspicious again.The conversation between them on this topic prompts Lowo to tell Narkiya that there's some things that he doesn't like about her. Still, Lowo tells Narkiya that he wants to respect and love her more and be faithful to her.

Somehow, Narikiya falls for Lowo's sweet words and feels that he's being sincere. Later, Lowo and Narkiya head to the courthouse to get married. Narkiya didn't envision herself getting married in quite this way.

Still, they do get married legally. Lowo says he's excited about being married.

Matt and Alla

Matt and Alla are on a house hunt to try to find a place that's more conveniently situated for them. They go to look at a house that's closer to Matt's family. Alla doesn't want to feel that she's too far from the city.

Matt and Alla decide to go out with their friends and family and let them know that they're moving closer to all of them.

At the dinner, Matt's family accuse Alla of trying to keep a distance from them in the past. However, they do articulate that they now see that they were wrong about Matt and Alla.

Alan and Kirlyam

Kirlyam is now 4 months pregnant and she and Alan are converting his man-cave into a nursery. Kirlyam is continuing to adjust to American culture, including the idea of announcing a pregnancy only after 3 months.

At their pregnancy announcement party, Alan and Kirlyam enjoy telling their friends about their pregnancy in a unique way. Later, we get to see Kirlyam being 34 weeks pregnant. She's dealing with contractions and planning out the baby room.

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