'90 Day Fiance' Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: Jorge's Prison Confession, and The End for Nicole and Azan?

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On tonight's episode of TLC's 90 Day Fiance it appears we will finally meet Narkyia and Lowo, the last couple to appear for the season...and it looks like they're worth the wait.

90 Day Fiance: Narkyia and Lowo

Narkiya, a single mother from Pennsylvania, met Lowo in an online forum "for plus-sized women." In the forum, Lowo claimed that he was a Nigerian prince; of course, this was B.S., and Narkiya was being catfished.

But being a little smarter than some of the other subjects of our recaps, Narkiya did some research, and found out that Lowo was actually a random Nigerian guy with a son.

She also found out that Lowo's so called dead wife was in fact, very much alive.

But that's where Narkiya's smarts end. Although she confronted Lowo and he confessed to lying to her, Lowo managed to get Narkiya to forgive him. Not only that but she visits Lowo in Vietnam where he proposes to her.

Knowing everything she does, Narkiya still goes ahead and pushes forward with a K1 Visa for Lowo to come and marry her. Still, Narkiya discusses her difficulty trusting Lowo on pretty much anything he tells her.

Later, Narkiya discusses Lowo's impending arrival with her family. She decides to tell her family about Lowo's lies.

Narkiya's family reacts how one might expect - with worry and skepticism. They're particularly concerned when they find out that Lowo's family are polygamists and his father actually has four wives.

When Narkiya tries calling Lowo, she quickly becomes anxious and angry about being unable to connect with him.

Check out a clip here:

90 Day Fiance: Nicole and Azan

Nicole recognizes that since she discussed her infidelity with Azan, he's become quite a bit frostier.

Azan insists that his reluctance to be affectionate with Nicole has to do with his need to respect his culture. The two are constantly fighting, and won't give straight answers to the producers as to why.

Nicole is particularly angry about the way that Azan's treating her. She's upset that he refuses to hug her or hold her.

She and Azan have a major fight when Azan tells Nicole she no longer matters to him. With that, Nicole shoves him away and retreats behind the van that they were both sitting in to cry in isolation.

90 Day Fiance: Chantel and Pedro

Chantel and Pedro are heading back home from their beach getaway. Chantel realizes that she behaved badly on their vacation together when she got drunk. Still, she decides to put the vacation hijinks behind her and focus on how to tell her parents that she's secretly engaged.

To seek help with this task, Chantel decides to confide in her bishop. Her bishop doesn't mince words when he tells her she needs to come clean with her parents as soon as possible.

90 Day Fiance: Matt and Alla

When we next meet Alla and Matt again, Alla's decided to go out with Julie, Patrick's girlfriend. Julie articulates Patrick's concerns about Alla and the likelihood of her turning out like Matt's ex-wives.

90 Day Fiance: Jorge and Anfisa

Jorge and Anfisa continue to reside in a hotel. While Jorge is looking for apartments, he's having trouble finding a place, causing Anfisa a lot of frustration. It turns out Jorge has a secret, as we previously surmised. He's got a criminal background because of his history in the marijuana industry.

In fact, he has a felony in marijuana cultivation. Anfisa is visibly upset but it seems like she might actually give him another chance.

We find out that she doesn't actually have a problem with Jorge having a criminal record. But Anfisa is upset that Jorge still hasn't procured a home for them.

When Jorge and Anfisa finally move into an apartment, Anfisa looks less than pleased with the caliber. She notes that after they get married, she expects to move into a brand new home.

Jorge pressures Anfisa to cook for them but Anfisa puts up a fight about this. Although Anfisa ends in cooking a full meal for her and Jorge, she notes that she expects Jorge to take her out for dinner.

The drama only keeps building. We can't wait to find out which couples survive this season next time!

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