Wack Packer Nicole Bass Talks Her Shoplifting Arrest On Howard Stern

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Professional body-builder Nicole Bass who was arrested for shoplifting last week is now speaking about the arrest on Howard Stern's SiriusXM Radio show via a phone call interview to the show.

"Employees of the Stop & Shop told police that the former wrestler had a shopping cart full of food and beauty products," reported The Inquistr. "Bass then took the full shopping cart and walked right out the door to her vehicle."

Stern wasted no time getting into the Bass arrest as it was the feature of his first discussion during his show on Monday. The host said that she had almost $1,300 worth of food and cosmetics in the cart when she was caught.

He was surprised by the figure because he saw no way someone could shoplift that much unless it was lobster or filet mignon.

Bass called into the Stern show according to a MarksFriggin overview of the show. According to the overview Stern did express his sympathies with her by saying he's sorry thins got so bad she had to shoplift food.

"Nicole said she eats a lot of protein and she wanted to look good after being on Howard's show last time," according to MarksFriggin. "She said they told her she was looking good.

Nicole said she was trying to get back in the gym and get back to work. She said it all just fell in a hole."

When Stern suggested a real job aside from her bodybuilding career Bass simply said that she wants to "capitalize on being an oddity" because she's good at what she does. Bass even admitted to reaching out to friends but no one believed her because of her past career highs such as the Stern Show and WWF. Stern did say that he wants to help her and that the entire show is thinking about her. They are all glad that she's able to seek a plea-agreement, showing her mercy for not having any priors.

"Nicole apologized for making the show look bad," according to MarksFriggin. "Howard said don't worry about it. He said the show can take it. Howard told Nicole to calm down.

Nicole said she is. Robin asked if the boyfriend is still around. Nicole said they broke up. Howard said he was hoping he'd pay the bills. Nicole said they got into an argument and he left."

The Stern Show was very sympathetic to Bass' situation but it seemed as if they were in plenty of shock. Bass did not release a comment on the arrest prior to her interview with Stern.