'DC Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: 'The Chicago Way,' Season 2 Episode 8

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The CW's "Legends of Tomorrow" is kicking off the holiday hiatus with a bang.

The team is tested as a whole and on an individual level. The Legion of Doom has formed and are coming for the Legends in "The Chicago Way," the eighth episode of the second season.

Eobard Thawne and Damien Darhk are now working with Malcolm Merlyn. They've set up a trap for the Legends in 1927's Chicago. Jax wants Stein to tell the team about how he accidentally changed his own timeline to include a daughter.

He's taken captive before he can, though. Sara has to decide between beating the Legion of Doom and saving Stein. Rory gets a visit from an old friend.

Eobard and Darhk proposition Capone and introduce their new teammate, Merlyn. Nate and Ray are dabbling in a bit of sibling rivalry by sparring in the cargo bay. Sara goes down their with Jax to tell them to knock it off. It doesn't work too well. Jax thinks that Stein should tell the team before someone else figures it out. Just then an alarm goes off for an aberration coming from Chicago in the 1920's.

Ray lets Elliot Ness go with two police officers. Grey gets trapped in a memory and misses them walking right by him. The team goes hunting for Ness in order to stop Capone from becoming mayor.

The team shows up right after Ness gets pushed off the dock. Amaya is able to save him. Darhk is watching in the distance, the Legends have taken the bait.

Ray and Nate go to the police pretending to be Ness. Rory refuses to leave the ship. Sara, Jax and Stein go undercover at Capone's club. Amaya asks Rory why he doesn't want to go out in 1920's.

When she leaves Rory gets a vision of Leonard. At the club, it doesn't seem like there's very much alcohol there.

However, Darhk and the speedster are there. They kidnap Stein. Nate and Ray bust in with the police but there's no trace of the speakeasy.

Jax breaks into the Rip's secret armory to pick up a weapon. Mick takes over in Sara's absence. He's going to teach the team how to be good criminals.

Merlyn presents a deal to Sara. He wants an amulet in exchange he's going to go back in time and not blow up the Queen's Gambit. Sara refuses his offer, she's already lived that life.

Under the gise of Bonnie and Clyde, Amaya and Mick stop a Capone delivery truck. Stein tells Sara about his daughter. Darhk comes in to take Stein away for torture. The team arrives at the hideout. Amaya finds Sara.

Nate and Ray are able to locate Capone's ledger. Rory gets another visit from Leonard. He warns Rory to quit the team before he gets himself killed.

On the way out the team runs into Capone. He tries to stop them but the team gets past him pretty easily. Which was all part of the evil plan.

Back on the ship, Stein is acting strange. He wants to look at the amulet that Darhk and his team want. Sara lets him. Rory and Amaya are becoming good friends. Leonard's ghost shows back up to warn him away from becoming a hero. Jax notices that Stein starts looking around like a speedster.

Sara goes in to talk to him about the aberration. Jax runs to Ray and Nate for help. Nate goes to get Sara away from the imposter.

Eobard reveals himself. He locks himself in the bridge and opens the cargo bay doors. Merlyn, Darhk and a group of Capone's men enter the ship.

Ray, and Nate hold off capone's men. Rory and Amaya go after Eobard. Sara engages Merlyn in a fight. Eobard is about to kill Amaya but gets an alert from his watch. Sara is about to end Merlyn but she still needs Stein's location. Merlyn isn't going to give it up for free.

Sara trades the amulet for Stein's location. Nate and Ray release Ness with the ledger so he can take down Capone. Amaya gifts Rory with some booze she stole.

Sara isn't going to make Stein erase his daughter. The amulet is a part of a compass that locates the spear of destiny.

They need Rip Hunter in order to make it work. Rip who is now making movies about his life.

"The Chicago Way" is the midseason finale for "DC's Legends of Tomorrow." It tested Sara role as leader of the group and brought back one of the team's lost members...even if only for a moment.

Legends will be back in the new year and rewatch episodes here.

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