'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' TLC Season 4 Episode 3: Does a Doctor Confirm Whitney Way Thore's Pregnancy?

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Tonight was episode 3 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 4 and boy did we get a surprise! (Well, sort of...we predicted this before the season started.)

The episode begins with Whitney Way Thore heading to the doctor with some level of trepidation.

A nurse walks in and tells Whitney that their pregnancy test in the office is positive. The doctor then proceeds to get and ultrasound -- and much as we predicted, he is unable to locate a pregnancy.

As he explains to Whitney, because of Whitney's Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, she is likely to get false positives on pregnancy tests.

The doctor also informs Whitney that she needs to lose weight to be able to get pregnant and sustain it.

Whitney is tearful at first but then gets used to the news. If there's one thing she's learned from her experience, it's that when she actually gets pregnant, she'll avoid telling Buddy. Whitney then heads to a coffee shop to meet up with Lenny to tell him what she's learned.

Lenny is excited to see Whitney and greets her with a kiss. He's shocked to find out that Whitney isn't pregnant and expresses some disappointment. Whitney is touched to hear of Lenny's plans but commiserates with him.

Whitney shows up for a training session and has to make an excuse for Buddy, who doesn't show up. However, he does eventually appear and says that he slept through the beginning of the session.

Buddy finds himself getting easily frustrated and admits to himself how out of shape he is. He's also hesitant about making a commitment to training given that he now knows how tough he's got to work to lose weight.

Next, Whitney Skypes with Roy to discuss her first assignment to cover the gay pride parade.

Whitney has a lot of questions about Roy's girlfriend. She questions whether Roy actually has a girlfriend given that she feels he flirts with her quite a bit.

Whitney also has a chance to spend time with Alistair and her parents.

Alistair has grown a lot but has also been neutered. Whitney's father walks in and informs Whitney that her cousin sent him a text that she spoke of her pregnancy on a radio show.

Whitney's father is upset that Whitney would be pregnant before being wed. Whitney winds up telling her parents that she did think she was pregnant which still shocks her parents, even after she reveals that she's not actually pregnant.

Whitney then has a dance session with Todd. They choreograph moves together but have a hilarious moment together when Whitney farts in Todd's face.

A party takes place in this episode with Whitney leading the celebrations for Buddy and Heather.

Heather has two kids and Buddy is great with them. An awkward moment erupts when Whitney's mother has to announce how grateful she is that Whitney is not in fact pregnant.

Heather is upset that Whitney told Buddy and not her. Whitney didn't want to tell her friends about her pregnancy scare this way, but she does feel that she can now move on with her life.

Next, Whitney heads to a first freelancing gig for radio by covering the gay pride parade. Her mother invites herself along.

They head out with Todd. At the parade, Whitney meets up with Roy and finds out that she hadn't adequately prepared since she didn't write questions.

Luckily, Roy wrote out some questions for Whitney. A tense moment emerges when Whitney finds out that she might not have recorded at least 3 interviews that she already completed. Roy is upset and Whitney anticipates being fired.

Still, things get back on track when Whitney's technical issues are resolved.

Whitney does plenty of flirting with Roy at the parade but concedes that because he's going to be her boss, boundaries may be an issue. One interviewee slams Whitney's weight, which really cuts her to the core.

The episode ends with Whitney's pain flashing across the screen. But it looks like there may be happiness ahead with Whitney has her relationship with Roy will deepen, based on previews. Stay tuned!

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