The Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Rancor Isn't Going To Be Made

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Hasbro has now confirmed to its fans that the Black Series Rancor will not be going into production. The crowd funded project did not reach the required number of backers it needed to be made.

As you may know already, the Black Series Rancor needed over 9000 backers for it to be made officially. If 9000 backers were reached, an extra figure of Malakili would have been included at no extra cost.

Higher tier goals would have been Black Series figures of Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, a Gamorrean guard, Salacious B. Crumb and even bones with a cardboard diorama.

The project got over 8000 backers before its due date of December 6th, 2021. Hasbro Pulse however announced on Facebook the bad news of it not going into production. You can read the full announcement below.

"We're sorry to say the STAR WARS The Black Series Rancor HasLab project did not reach its minimum backing goal. This is what the HasLab platform is all about – bringing our fans together and allowing you to decide if these dream projects ultimately get developed. We want to thank the fans who showed their support and backed this project, and those who shared their passion throughout the campaign. We look forward to bringing you more dream concepts in the future."

One of the main reasons the project failed was the insane price. If you wanted a Rancor with no electronic parts, it would have cost you $350 USD!

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