Disney/Lucasfilm Should Revive Luke Skywalker In Star Wars: Episode IX

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It goes without saying that Star Wars: The Last Jedi was not as well received as Disney/Lucasfilm were hoping for.

It looks like the negative backlash for the film trickled down to Solo: A Star Wars Story since the latter has underwhelmed at the Box Office right now.

There are many things people hated about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but one thing fans hate more than ever is the fact that Luke Skywalker dies at the end.

With the character's demise, this means Star Wars: Episode IX will not have any of the original Star Wars trio.

Fans accepted the death of Han Solo in Star War: The Force Awakens mainly because actor Harrison Ford always wanted to kill off the character. He wanted the character dead as far back as Return of the Jedi in 1983!

Since Han Solo is not a Force sensitive character, it's unlikely he can return to the franchise as a ghost.

Not to mention Ford may not want to return since he does not want to do all of the media interviews ever again talking about Star Wars...

The real life death of Carrie Fisher was unavoidable and so she won't be in Star Wars: Episode IX, despite her character General Leia still being "alive" at the end of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The only actor willing and able to appear in Star Wars: Episode IX is Mark Hamill, BUT his role in the next film is limited thanks to what happened to Luke Skywalker.

Due to Luke Skywalker dying in The Last Jedi, he can only appear in Episode IX as a boring Force Ghost.

I feel making Luke Skywalker just a Force Ghost is not enough to get the fans back who hated The Last Jedi.

The ending of that film chased away a LOT of original trilogy fans and making him a ghost isn't going to magically make everyone happy again.

The only thing Disney/Lucasfilm should do is possibly make Luke Skywalker return in a living capacity.

After all, we never got to see Luke Skywalker do any action in The Last Jedi because he only appeared as a Force projection.

I also still don't understand why they had to kill off the Luke Skywalker character in The Last Jedi with one more movie to go in the trilogy.

It would have made more sense for Luke Skywalker to die in Episode IX and not in The Last Jedi.

The Last Jedi pretty much killed all of the momentum of the new films and there's no real big story to tell in Star Wars: Episode IX. Luke Skywalker is dead and even Supreme Leader Snoke is dead too.

JJ Abrams needs to do something in order to get back original trilogy fans and the only thing I think he should do is revive Luke Skywalker somehow.

If Luke Skywalker has a big part in Episode IX, this might make some fans return to watch Episode IX.

Without Luke Skywalker or any of the original trilogy actors, I doubt Episode IX will make a lot of money at the Box Office just focusing on the newer actors/characters.

The low Box Office of Solo: A Star Wars Story is proof that the fans are already boycotting the new Star Wars films.

What do you think Disney/Lucasfilm should do to bring back fans of the original trilogy to watch Star Wars: Episode IX? Should they revive Luke Skywalker and increase his part in the next film?

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