Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 2 Adult Swim: Review and Recap XCIII

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Tonight is episode 2 (XCIII) of season 5 of Adult Swim's Samurai Jack.

This season of the show comes to Cartoon Network's Toonami a decade after the original show was aired on the network.

This season will finally answer all of the questions Samurai Jack fans have had over the many years, which were never resolved in the previous shows or the never-finished movie.

If you haven't seen episode 1, check out our review and recap here. Unlike previous seasons, this season is one complete story -- so you have to know what happened in the previous episode to understand this one.

So without further ado, here's the recap:

Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 2 Recap

Tonight's episode begins with Aku, who we really didn't see in the previous episode. He wakes up to his alarm clock and does some Aku-like stretches.

A bunch of mud men enter to thank Aku for his assistance, but Aku is not happy.

Next, Aku's henchmen come in and tell him of their plan to take out Samurai Jack. Aku insists he no longer cares about Samurai Jack -- but he does.

We then find Aku at a psychiatrist's office, complaining about Jack. He expected that Jack would have died -- but he hasn't really even aged (except for the beard).

Outside, we find Samurai Jack on his motorbike. He enters a clearing and must choose a direction at a fork in the road.

Jack stops to look out at the forest, and he feels the ground shaking. He prepares his weapon and is attacked by a giant insect.

Jack easily kills the insect, and continues on his way, only to be attacked by something else. Invisible men come and attack him. Jack uses powerful automatic weapons and starts firing at the attackers. But they take his weapon.

Jack then awakens and realizes that this was all a dream.

He realizes he has no sword, and is haunted by his father, who wants him to give up and stop fighting.

But Jack refuses, and runs outside, where he is chased by the "daughters of Aku," highly trained assassins who are out to get him.

Jack comes across a city that looks a lot like Angkor Wat (in Cambodia) and runs inside to hide.

The daughters follow him into a labyrinthine building, full of doorways and hidden passages. One of the daughters manages to follow Jack's footprints, but none of them are able to find him.

Jack continues to run around the labyrinth, and the daughters eventually find him and surround him. Jack manages to get away by falling through the floor -- but the daughters follow him.

They enter a majestic room filled with what appear to be coffins, where Jack is hiding.

The daughters surround Jack and attack, but he fights them; however, they outnumber him, and he has to run.

In the process, he is able to kill one of the daughters -- and she bleeds out, and her mask comes off revealing her real face.

Jack is injured too, with blood dripping from his body. He takes her weapon and finds an exit leading into a river. Jack jumps into the river. The episode ends there.

Throughout this episode, there were flashes of a lone wolf being attacked in the woods.

At the end of the episode, we see the wolf, who appears to be dead. We will have to wait until next week to find out more about how this relates to the story.

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