The View Cut's Howard Stern's Happy Birthday Message to Whoopi Goldberg

Last week Whoopi Goldberg was a featured guest on the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show and in honor of her birthday last Friday he cut a video for his friend.

However, Stern says that The View cut his video down and now it looks like he won't be cutting anymore videos in the future.

Stern was asked to make an appearance on The View on Friday but he was unable to do so. However, he did agree to cut a video for Goldberg in celebration of her birthday.

What he was upset about was the fact that The View chopped his video message down and edited out all of the humor.

Interestingly enough, JD Harmeyer commented that The View actually played longer longer messages from others who had submitted their messages.

"Howard said The View woke him up to this. He said as of today, with peace and love, he will no longer be cutting any type of tape where people can edit him," according to MarksFriggin.

"He said he says this with peace and love. Howard said he won't be doing this for anyone else because of this."

Stern said it felt like The View couldn't take a joke after he referred to it as The Talk in the video message, jokingly. He also made jokes on Bill Cosby, Michael Vick and more, all of which he says were edited out.

Unfortunately Stern says The View is the reason he won't be cutting videos like that in the future.

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