Amber Rose Calls Kanye a Clown For Bringing Sebastian Into His Wiz Khalifa Beef

It looks like Amber Rose is fed up with Kanye West bringing her son in personal arguments.

In audio released from TMZ, Rose calls Kanye a clown for bringing her son Sebastian into his Twitter beef with Wiz Khalifa and said it was the second time he brought her name in the last couple of weeks.

Rose appeared on the "Allegedly" podcast with Matt Cole Weiss, formerly of TMZ and Theo Von.

She discussed Kanye's most recent Twitter rant on Wiz Khalifa, after Khalifa got upset over Kanye renaming his album Waves, a movement that Khalifa says was started by Max B.

"The thing of it is I would never talk about kids in an argument," said Rose. "It just shows the type of person he is.

Even him saying stuff about my son, I didn't say anything about his kids and I'm not going to. That's just ridiculous they're innocent babies, you don't ever talk about a baby ever."

Rose went on to say that she wasn't surprised at what Kanye said because he was a clown. She said she wouldn't have said anything but when Kanye brought Sebastian into the mix she had to.

Rose also brought up the fact that Kanye referenced her in "No More Parties In L.A." claiming that she had her baby for a meal ticket. The lyrics she is referring to are:

"For all my n***as with babies by b*****s / That use they kids as meal tickets / Not knowing the disconnect from the father / The next generation will be the real victims / I can't fault 'em really / I remember Amber told my boy no matter what happens she ain't going back to Philly."

Audio of Amber Rose below.