YouTube's Jacksepticeye Accused of Copyright Infringement by Outfit7

One of YouTube's most known gamer guys, Jacksepticeye, took to his Twitter account on Wednesday morning citing copyright claims against him. The claims were made by Outfit7 Limited, the entertainment company that created the Talking Tom and Friends franchise.

The video in question was one of the YouTuber's episodes featuring Cleverbot Evie and Outfit7's "Talking Angela" app, a chatterbot app featuring a girl cat.

The app was originally released December 2012, and the video was published an estimated 9 months ago. The video was shared prolifically throughout the Internet, but has since been removed from YouTube.

As of writing, Jacksepticeye was allegedly in danger of having his account removed, and was unable to access is YouTube account without answering a series of copyright questions. The issue has been resolved, and the video removed.

YouTube's Copyright Rules outline "fair use" to include criticism, news reporting, and parody/remix.

Jacksepticeye's video allegedly did not fall under any of these categories. Instead, it was speculatively deemed "entertainment," and because Jacksepticeye earns a calculated sum of compensation from his videos, the use of "Talking Angela" violated YouTube's rules.

Here is Jacksepticeye's original Tweet, posted at about 11 a.m., January 7, and the few to follow: