Titans TV Series Casts Partner For Dick Grayson

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After years of supposedly being in development, a Titans television series was finally announced a few months ago from DC. We've learned of a number of series regular castings for the series in the last month or two, and now we have yet another that is a character from more recent comics.

According to TVLine, Lindsey Gort has been announced as joining the cast of Titans as Amy Rohrbach.

Rohrbach was introduced to the comics in Nightwing Vol. 2 #48 back in 2010 as a training officer and eventual ally to Dick Grayson, who had joined the Bludhaven Police Department as a detective.

In Titans, Gort will be recurring on the series as Dick's partner, who we know better as Nightwing. No other real details were given, though this confirms Dick's involvement with the police in the series.

Gort is previously best known for being on The Carrie Diaries and most recently Impastor, as well as a number of other shows and movies.

Besides her, we have learned of the casting of most of the other main characters for Titans as well.

Brenton Thwaites from the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean movie will be starring as Dick Grayson, while he will be joined by Anna Diop as Starfire, Teagan Croft as Raven, Alan Ritchson as Hawk, and Minka Kelly as Dove.

We're also waiting for the announcement of the casting for another series main that we assume has to be Beast Boy as well, but they haven't really had a set pattern with announcements thus far.

Rather than airing on The CW or Fox alongside many of its other series, Titans will be available on the upcoming DC streaming service that we still have no real details about.

The series is supposed to launch sometime in 2018, so hopefully we'll get more details about when exactly that will be in the near future.

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