Solo: A Star Wars Story Could Potentially Have A Decent Box Office Weekend Opening

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The hype for Solo: A Star Wars Story has been questionable recently due to fans not liking the main lead and also wondering if the movie is going to be thanks to it undergoing many reshoots.

Well it seems those fears aren't as big as we thought because early tracking for the film suggest it could still have a decent Box Office opening.

As reported by Box Office Pro, early tracking for the film suggests it could be opening in the same ballpark as Rogue One. The website anticipates that it could have an opening weekend around $150 million in North America. 

This is quite a very high estimate since the film is out a week after Deadpool 2 and a month after the mega release of Avengers: Infinity War.

If Disney is able to get an opening that high for Solo, it will be seen as a big achievement.

The North American total for the film is estimated to be $390 million which itself is pretty decent.

No worldwide estimate has been made for the film yet, but one would expect a Star Wars film to gross over $1 billion around the world.

It's hard to tell if these numbers will be accurate, but we should get a fairer idea closer to its May 25th release date.

After all, many people predicted that Justice League would have opened above $100 million but mixed word of mouth caused the movie to gross only 93.8 million in its opening weekend.

There's still a chance the film could succeed because the Star Wars brand is still popular despite people having mixed reactions towards Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Hopefully the movie ends up being good as its production didn't go as smoothly as planned.

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