'Sister Wives' TLC Season 8 Episode 8: Mariah Reveals More

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On tonight's episode of TLC's Sister Wives, we see everyone's response to Mariah coming out as gay. How does her family react?

Robin and Janelle react with support and validation right away. Meri and Kody hold back a little.

Everyone has a lot of questions for Mariah, who explains that her homophobia was a veil to hide her true identity.

She notes that being brought up in the LDS Church caused her to want to suppress her feelings. This was the case despite the fact that she did experience attraction to women while she was growing up.

Still, things clicked for her when she went to college. She realized she had a crush on one of her friends whom she had a class with. That was when she felt compelled to come out.

After Mariah announces that she is gay, all of the sister wives hug Mariah and support her. Kody also articulates his support for Mariah.

Next, Meri talks about how she feels like a failure as a mother, given that she never knew Mariah was struggling with her sexuality.

Meri wants to communicate with Kody but asks Robin to be there given that she finds she's better able to reach Kody when Robin is around.

In the conversation, we learn that Meri is scared and disappointed by Mariah's being gay because she doesn't yet understand that everything she always pictured for Mariah is still possible -- even with her sexuality.

Meri is also upset that Mariah chose to talk to Robin privately rather than her.

The family heads on a vacation to a mountain lodge and everyone has a chance to bond. Meri takes advantage of seeing Mariah sitting alone outside at the lodge to try to connect with her.

Meri finds herself falling flat when she talks to Mariah. It seems that she is asking all of the wrong questions. Meri's difficulty dealing with her expectations wind up pushing Mariah away.

Tony and Mykelti make dinner for everyone, which helps Christine feel that Tony really should be part of the family.

Meri talks to Robin and has a chance to gain additional insight about her relationship with Mariah.

Meri has a genuine wish to connect with Mariah, but Robin is able to see that Mariah is asking for some space. Meri is better able to realize this through Robin's help.

Mariah and all of the older siblings go out for dinner together. Maddie asks Mariah how their parents reacted to her revealing her sexuality.

Mariah notes that she felt everyone reacted the way that she expected. Mariah also explains how she came to the realization that she was gay and what a weight was lifted off of her chest.

The episode concludes with everyone heading out on a fishing expedition.

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