Persona 5: The Animation Episode 19 Recap/Review: 'Aloha'

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Persona 5: The Animation continues on this week and The Phantom Thieves finally take a break from entering people's palaces.

The school goes on a vacation to Hawaii and everyone is happy to finally relax forgetting all of the troubles that are still in Japan.

I did not expect the anime would have included the Hawaiian trip, but I'm glad they kept it in. That said, there are a few changes in the anime that differ to how the events unfolded in the video game.

For one thing, Ren meets the girl named Hifumi Togo in Hawaii instead of inside of a church back in Japan. Ren helps her out after she gets harassed by some rude dudes wanting her attention.

I'm not sure she will play a big part in the anime, but it was still nice to see the character.

Whether or not she will appear in the anime again remains to be seen because she did not play a big part of the game when I played it last year.

Another change in the anime is the fact that the guys don't even get a chance to flirt with any hot women in the TV show.

I remember it was fun trying to catch girls' attention in the video game, but sadly the boys didn't get to do that in the anime.

While this week was mostly a filler, the animation is still top notch as Hawaii looks beautiful in the cartoon.

Unlike what Toei Animation does with some episodes of Dragon Ball Super, A-1 Pictures never seems to drop its quality with the animation in Persona 5. There is yet to be an episode that looks rushed and ugly in my opinion.

Anyway, the only noteworthy thing that happens in this week's story is the mysterious death of Principal Kobayakawa who had a mental shutdown just prior to getting run over by a big truck.

The Phantom Thieves feel he was murdered and they think Kunikazu Okumura (CEO of Okumura Foods) may have been playing a part in all of the mysterious deaths in Japan lately.

The Phantom Thieves won't be able to target Mr Okumura until next week where they should be entering his palace.

As for this week, nothing else much happens after the good guys come back to Japan other than knowing their principal died by an "apparent suicide".

We are now in the latter end of the anime and it will be interesting to see how much more of the game will be covered.

I highly doubt the anime is able to cover everything from the video game, but I'm hoping most of the best parts of the conclusion aren't omitted because the entire Persona 5 story is excellent as a whole.

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